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A new entrant!

Updated on September 11, 2014


new arrival!

Approached I

A little glowing golden bulb

Lost in the serial lights;

“What are you contemplating on?”

Beamed I,

“On the celebration, perhaps!”

“Quite naturally

In keeping with the season,”

Replied the smiling bulb

With a reason:

“An annual shower

that brings together

family and friends

under one roof

to cuddle with

joy and mirth;

sporting new looks

and mouthful of

cakes and carols,

chris moms and chris children


with sprouts of gifts

to compete with santa,

starry lit tree

ballooned to amuse

the baby in the manger

who keeps smiling at the kings -

all the while!”

“That smile -

A salvation to mankind!”

Quoth I,

Moving to join

the glistening extravaganza!

Cynosure of all eyes -

A humble couple

With a newborn hope!


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