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A Christmas Wedding in DC

Updated on December 26, 2010

Mr. and MRS. Michael Davis!

My mother, Cheryl R. Taylor married Michael Davis, now my stepfather on Christmas day, 2010.
My mother, Cheryl R. Taylor married Michael Davis, now my stepfather on Christmas day, 2010.
Christmas in the nation's capitol, Washington DC.
Christmas in the nation's capitol, Washington DC. | Source

Birth of a marriage on Christmas in the District of Columbia

A great man from New York, married my lovely mother

Its six years, their bond has been Merry

like a white December 25th with flurries

In all four quadrants, there were wedding and Jingle Bells

Counting down days, they walk the aisle, only Twelve

Near Southwest, I went last minute shopping for me and my niece

so I could get an outfit, sharp as Santa's, no fleece

We from Southeast and she wanted to be the flower girl

'Twas the night before, we were singing, Joy to the World

to welcome the brand new bride and the groom

Hope they lay it down like a green tree to jump the broom

I remember being online to help pick out a cake and shoes

I was so anxious as soon as I heard the beautiful news

My mother said, she has a dress of a creme color

From Northwest to Virginia, she invited her brothers

My uncles, the groom invited his brothers to sister

The rotten apple meets the nation's capitol mixture

The church in Northeast was live as the White House

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

Just family, we sung carols as we had to wait

I learned that the bride for her own nuptial can be late

When she arrived, I knew I was the horse to open sleigh

O'er the fields we go, I gave my Mom away... Ha, Ha, Ha

Although nervous, she looked so gorgeous and frosty

as my now, stepfather told her, "I do!", two turtledoves calling

The preacher was like a snowman who is jolly

First time ever, my mother ties the knot, its holy

I saw once they kissed from exchanging vows and a name

That this will be forever, no reindeer games

I took it all in with a long, silent pause

Gathering ideas for when I FINALLY meet my Mrs. Claus

Until then, I'm glad to have new in-laws

We extend the tradition, decking the halls

Afterwards, there was a nice, small reception

Pretty good food, truly a wonderful blessing

Oh, what fun it was to laugh and reminisce that night

Catching up on past and present times made spirits bright

The Taylors, we left last, no tossing of bouquet or garter

Mr and MRS. Michael Davis further celebrated at DC's National Harbor

©2010, Alphonso Taylor. All rights reserved. No republication of this material, in any form or medium, is permitted without express permission of the author.



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