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A Collection of Poems by Katie

Updated on May 1, 2012

*Note: Some poems were written with specific spacing that does not show up when editing. Please keep this in mind

The Things I Shouldn't Have Done

Hands moved along my body
from hair to face
sliding along my neck
down my arms
tracing the curve of my hips
and back up to my hair again
where his fingers stayed
to dance in my locks.
A fire ignited inside
innocent kisses
a passionate dance.
Caress his body
pull at his hair.
Hands played along
his warm chest.
Pressing closer to him
arms wrapped around
intertwining our legs.
The things I wanted to do.

Party of the Century

It starts with
corruption of power
a chain reaction that ends
in apparent death.
The foolish hero
that takes a bullet
to his head,
the faithful friend
that stands by your side –
it all ends up lost
in the madness.
The days blur together
in dark colors
as death hangs in the air.
Temptations to run,
to hide,
to get revenge,
Love lost,
lost love,
a new life
you never wanted.
It’s the party of the century.

her eyes

shred my flesh
the contours
of my body
to the elements

they see all that I hide


One purple peak
against a stained background
framed in glass
I open up to the world

One Night

sweaty f
esh sticking
fingers dancing
a passi
nate show
n by


In the darkness
wide-eyed dolls
stare me down

A search for an exit
an entrance
to another
doll infested

do I get

No order
a random display
of wide-eyed dolls

in the darkness
wide-eyed dolls
stare me down

If your
eye s

she would
the love

don’t need
to be

At Dusk

a hunger
left to go

Scarred flesh
a bony finger
a daggered tear
what have you done

bared teeth
a moment destroyed


a striking array
of colors

A swirl
of greens
and browns
a safe to years
of memories

Studded with pierces
holes in the skin

Slightly pointed

Sealed tight
locked with a key
let me kiss you
with the scars of my youth

Carpe Diem

Burnt rubber on concrete
left donut tracks on my heart
Tires kick up dry desert sand in their wake
a barrier between us and them
No one tells us what we can’t do

Peeper chirps accompany us
a theme song to our late night escape
Barefoot through meadows we dash
dragging long, moonlit shadows behind us
They don’t try to pull us back

The morning rays warm our bodies
damp from dew and sweat
unmowed grass tickle our backs
wildflowers pleasure our nostrils
The taste of your lips is even sweeter

Double lines stretch on endless
parallel to your ’69 Mustang
Not even when the pavements ends
will we turn around; you said
We’re never looking back

Like burnt rubber on concrete
you left donut tracks on my heart.

Mannequin Fantasies
Bodies exposed
strip searched
fuzzy yellow circles
moving from head
to toe.

Pansies gag open
mouthed women
barred from theoutside, trapped

Glass eyes reflect
yellow beams of light
see yourself stare
at the half naked


Inside a box
striped red and white
I hold your hand
Its contents comfort me
until you return
with maggots in your palm
Stay with me forever
let’s live life
as if you never left


White walls
an endless
She stands
fiery locks twist
around her

Gazing down the
barrel she doesn’t
In a heapon the ground
she’s lifted


Bed ridden

Beside her
he sits

Honey-do List

Buy eggs, milk, oj, cereal, ½ pound chicken
Deposit check on counter before 5
Pay electric bill
-don’t forget to shut off front porch light at night
Shut all windows so neighbors don’t hear
Pick up prescription
-buy bandages, ointment, and cover-up while there
Get suitcase down from attic to pack
don’t forget your toothbrush
Leave key on counter when you go

Without You

Your side of the bed
won’t be empty tonight
you’ll be home soon

Who the fuck
is so god damn important
that you had to text going
eighty miles an hour?

Of all the idiots out there
you did nothing wrong.
Take them, take them
take me instead

A fog descends on the world
a never ending emptiness
falling into an abyss
Please, let me be
anywhere but here

Your side of the bed
will be empty tonight
you’re not coming home.


On the days where the pavement seems to smoke
blurring our vision like a mirage
– those are the days I wonder if we
were only the result of a dehydrated mind.

Mr. Wrong

At what point did love
cease to exist between us?

Was it that time we fought
and I said I felt suffocated
because you missed me
just a little too much?

Was it when I found those
pictures of you and you said
they were meant for me
but the evidence just didn’t add up?

Did it happen because
your love simply sucked
the love out of me?

At what point did
Mr. Right turn into
Mr. Wrong?

School is Cool Sux

An exchanged of tightly folded paper between fingers
amongst the clicking of keypads, a light which illuminates
the underside of gum-stickied wooden desks, which tell
stories of occupants passed. Jotted notes to tests and
“I love Josh”, “Sara’s a slut”, and “fuck u whore” next
to the picture of a stick figure giving head. History books
torn at the edges, outdated and edited with a mustache
on Rosa Parks and enormous boobs on George Washington.
Dry erase ammonia squeak its way across the stained white board
an accompanied harmony with the plain wall clock hung above
the door. Its hand struggles its way around the never ending circle
twitching as it hits each numeral, keeping the beat of the melody.
A silence shattering drone of relief bounces between their ears
and a rockslide of bodies weave in and out, stop and go,
to their next mind numbing destination.

We Never Were

My heart did a double take
when our eyes met
from across the table.

I could tell by the way you held your gaze
– strong (your eyes warmed my body)
that you didn’t want to let go.

An imaginary rope, braided
with the memories of our past
tugged at our chests
(my body aches for yours)

Reality cut our rope
and dragged us back
into a world where
we never were.


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    • ntone profile image

      Nicole Tone 

      6 years ago from Buffalo, NY

      I really enjoyed the emotion that flowed through both of these poems; the longing and desire in the first poem is palpable. I can't wait to read more!

    • ntmarketing profile image


      6 years ago from Elon, NC

      Nice job, keep up the good work!!


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