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A Collective Collage.

Updated on March 15, 2011

A Collective Collage.

Once bubbles blowing

through thick resin

seeking escape

and failing to break free
now suffocated in
this aging amber vault.

A primitive moment

in ancient obscurity

captured in the primordial

ooze of a tree

long since petrified

Prehistoric air

sealed for all time,
and even better,

carrying a traveler

caught in the stop gap

and then woven

between oxygenated pearls,

one can behold the

pirouetting petals,
of some long

forgotten flower.

Perfectly preserved,
in all of its splendor.

before it was plucked

and the swallowed

into a golden sarcophagus.

What tragedy made this
relics part of this resin nation,
trapped forever in resignation?

Mummified in death and now
hanging suspended
on a fine gold chain,
in the hollow of a neck
on a modern day girl...
History buff I'm not,
but I'm grateful
for the mammaries
this amber curio

graced me with

upon closer







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