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A Comma In A Fractured Fairy Tale.

Updated on November 6, 2009


A Comma, In A Fractured Fairy Tale. ©-MFB III


She lies in a coma,
that has gone on
for six long years,
after she was visited
by a wicked which.

"Which" drugs she

could take to end her life,
"which" dress she would wear,
which room would hold her remains,
and then in twenty minutes time
it all became whatever.

They found her

amidst a scattering
of various bits of red,
that looked much like a

poison apples remains.
Regurgitated Darvon,

and some other
sleep inducing aid,

leaving her as

a wo-mannequin,
a frozen statue to sorrow.

All attempts to revive her
fell short of anything
but this long sleep.

Many prints were

taken with her,
but not the prince
who held the
promise of awakening.

Simply MRI's

of her brain
which sits dormant in
the great cathedral
of her cranium.

Her prognosis is
perpetual care,
in a most humble castle
known as the

Sunnyside nursing home.

Perhaps somewhere

down the road,
that leads her to oblivion,
will come a white knight
whose initials are M.D.

slipping through the I.V.'s

that surround her,
to offer a treatment
kinder then her life
has ever known,
and granting her  
the kiss of life.

But for now

her waxen face
still holds the sleeping

beauty of youth,
the rosy blush on her cheeks,
colors her family with hope,
as she slumbers on
far from the place
known as "Once Upon A Time,"
and even further from
"Happily Ever After."


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