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A Common Story in Pain

Updated on August 10, 2014

What if I told you I know…..

I know the pains that you have

I know about your loneliness and I know about your disappointment

The times when you were let down, betrayed and deceived

I know your pains in intimate ways, because I was there to

For we breathe the same air and beat the same heart

I’ll back off a step because I know what you are thinking

“You don’t know me at all”

“You know nothing about me”

“You did not experience the tears that my eye saw”

“You never broke after feeling how I fell”

I still say to you that you are right

Now let me tell you your pains through my life

I know of the time when you walk into class and instead of having a breathe of excitement you feel the chills of anxiety

Every step you take wants to walk two more backwards, fearing every glance, dodging every talk.

You grew up with no social skills, your enjoyment of company kicked out, and take your pick at the list of suspect that cut that part out.

Maybe it was the middle school bullies that defield your childhood, or maybe it was the ADHD that burned that part of your brain from ever existing. Write down your suggestions and drop them in the box, any one of them would have been fine, because all those answers all lead to those 4 years of hell feeling like Four Years in Hell.

Why bother to exist when no one else saw you. Why bother to fit in when you were the wrong puzzle piece in the picture.

What if I told you…..

I know those times when she stare straight back at you, and your heart had a time to catch your breath. Those eyes seem to hold that magnetic pull on your head. Where they went, you would follow. Where she look, you look to. Her dreams now your dreams, her talk now your talk, her walk is your walk.

You would shift your days to match her sunset and paved her footsteps with stars that made the moon jealous.

So when she said that “I’m dating this guy”, or “We make good friends”, what she did not know was that she pushed a dent into your skull. But maybe the time was not ready, or maybe we were just joking. If it was a 1 to 10,000 chance she might say “Yes”, you hold on to that 1 like a life ring in the raging ocean.

But when you are moved to say the words, the invitation of two lives to run together, and she said “NO”, all of the sudden that Moon fell right on top of the open casket she cracked open underneath your feet. That coffin feels like a dream cloud because life does not make sense anymore. Pain feels fine when she is gone and gone, but when she is gone yet still walking then life becomes an Iron Maiden bleeding out your comedy passion into a tragedy hole.

What if I told you…..

I know of the times when your dream was in your grasp, yet it was dropped at the last leg of the race. I know the pains that students have to walk on top of in the streets of their University.

The careful glass obstacles and flame encased hoops of academic achievements and trials by fire.

I know of the ridicule by the silver tongues mentors. Some had scalpels for tongues, while other were hell-fire flames. The toils of sleepless nights punching through papers and diving deep into textbook studies, some nights had your breath held tight.

There was excitement on that day when you wore a squared hat and a choking robe collar. But the heat and the robe could not sway the steps up the stairs, towards the podium, a pointless piece of paper with a special stamp handed by an authority that had no care or concern for your name or your steps or the work that you had overcome during the past four years. What matter is one paper that shows to everyone that another mountain has been climbed.

I know the joy, and I know the despair, when a letter comes two weeks later inscribed a D on your card, and all the work on your simple piece of paper had been void the past two weeks, cleverly untold for your personal Tsunami sweeping in to quench your shame. Just let it consume me, Please.

What if I told you……

I know your addiction through my Pornography addiction

I know you lost a loved one when I lost my Grandmother

I know your hard work and toils are unnoticed when My poems and my stories are cast aside by a “Professor”

I know about your dreams trampled in the dirt the moment I walked out of a failed job interview

I know about your Obama care fears with my upcoming 26th birthday

I know about your anxiety about your family whenever I think about my Brother's drugged up friends coaching them at work

I know your pain

We have the same pain

The pains of Humanity

The pains of the flesh

The pains of Sin

So What If I Told You…..

That I have left all my struggles to one man

My burden was taken by one shoulder

There is a way out of pain

Found on the beams of a Cross

The remedies in the pierced hands of One Man

What if I told you……

I found all my content is in a man who died but is not dead

Taken my anxiety and filling the whole with hope

This man had lifted my sorrow and shame by taken on himself my ultimate Desecration

The man who was able to heal the lame and the blind, and to comfort a woman by a well, to soothe the pain of two sisters, and to come close to the lowly and rejected lepers,

Comes to me with no rejection or hesitation in his eyes

The association of the divine to the dirt

Classic Nobody with Somebody

That is where My Savior loves to dance upon

And why would anyone who resides in the sense of Perfect

Would be connected arm to arm with a cistern of pain such as myself?

Yet this is What the Man does

Redeeming my flaws in new strength

Changing my D in French into an A in Sign Language

Taking four failed driving tests into one month of practice leading to a pass

I mediocre Man, becoming a YMCA hero for kids

None of this make sense why This Man invest so much into my life

So I gave up and accepted the Grace

Because this is simple the character of the man

To mourn in my pain

To celebrate in my triumphs, Though he did all the work!

He covers my shame, this shame in his blood stained Cross

And builds back a new confidence, a trust in his hands

His guide leads to greater paths, he promise me higher paths

Though at times I cannot see past my own dreams, He promised bigger dreams than me

A secure Marriage before the Love Stares

A Dependable Career before the Desires

A Family filled with shoulder to lean on, never to nudge away

My Pain is lifted

My Fears are tames

My Anxiety is calmed

My Happiness renewed

Swallowed in a far greater Hope ahead

What if I told you……

I found my Joy in Jesus

And you, who has the same pains as me

You can find Him to


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