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A Country Boy's Dream

Updated on May 4, 2022
Bonnie Lou: A Country Boy's Dream
Bonnie Lou: A Country Boy's Dream

Country Boy's Dream

Bonnie Lou appeared in many Country Boy’s


She was a dream-walking in her tight jeans.

An hourglass shape,

That made the guys go ape.

Her brown hair shimmered with blond


Her sweet smile blew their minds out of sight.

No fancy lace was on her anyplace,

Just pure beauty on her face.

Her cupid lips were painted by Nature’s

pink brush,

The fullness of them made the guys all blush.

Her favorite drink was her Mom’s sweet tea,

Make from the sunshine in a jar---she hung

from a tree.

No guy was brave enough to face her Dad,

His biceps were so enormous---one of them

could hurt a Lad.

Her eyes shined and sparkled the color of

many seas,

When she looked at a guy---he almost fell

to his knees.

One day she saw a boy named William

from the city at her Church,

The only time in her life---her heart gave

a lurch.

His black hair shined with blue lights,

His eyes were dark and fierce as torrid

stormy nights.

When their eyes met,

It was anyone’s bet.

If her Dad would knock him out,

But her Dad spoke softly to him---not

pondering a shout.

They were seen riding in the moonlight,

Their horse’s side-by-side---their prancing

was a sight.

Everyone said he loved the ground she

danced on,

But would he marry---it was not written in stone.

He had wondering eyes searching out others,

He never counted on the scorn of her brothers.

Brother Joe Don found him kissing Mary Sue,

Joe Don knocked him about until he was black

and blue.

William went back to his big city in the middle

of the night,

What Joe Don did to his face was a terrible sight.

Her Dad told Bonnie Lou---the guy was not a

country boy,

He had to return to the city which was his joy.

She cried for a day,

Then a right country boy came her way.

So years later she had a Bonnie Lou of

her own by her side,

With all the love she now had---made life

a joyful ride.

Her Dad smiles every time his grandchild

climbs in his lap,

He sometimes thinks of the city boy who

was a sap.

But Bonnie Lou does not remember him


She has her handsome country guy who

is so clever.

The Rodeo Cowboy

Tall and handsome:

His tone body complimented his tight stonewashed


He rode bulls, roped calves and beat the timer to be

a man of means.

His blond hair was the color of whipped honey,

Females young and old wanted him---not his money.

His baby blue eyes sparkled when the rodeo started,

His long legs wrapped around the meanest bull—to

hold on and never parted.

Women stood and holler as he shot out the stall,

Some failed and did fall.

The Rodeo Cowboy won every time,

He was in his prime.


he crowd roared and women threw their panties

into the arena,

All, but a girl named Gina.

She was a beautiful petite girl with jade color

eyes with dimples and---long black hair down t

o her waist,

Her perfect figure and full lips---made many a

cowboy lose his pace.

Gina walked to the concession stand just as the

cowboy started to throw his rope,

His eyes went astray to watch the beauty walk---

it was only a second---he had no hope.

His rope missed and the crowd looked shocked

---not a sound was heard,

Gina walked back to her seat—a tall cowboy stood

in her way---and when she looked up into his eyes—his heart stirred.

Gina and the cowboy just stared into each other’s eyes,

Then he left her standing there---the crowd gave them

encouraging cries.

Don’t leave her standing there they screamed,

Gina thought is this a nightmare or something I dreamed?

The cowboy rode his horse into the stands---and swooped

her up with one hand,

Gina’s long black hair glistened in the afternoon sun as

they rode away---he cradled her in his arms---the crowd

roared thinking it was grand.

The cowboy rode away with Gina---his rodeo days were over,

He and Gina lived in clover.

The only roping done---when their daughter roped her brothers,

Life together with their family was like no others.

When blue eyes look into jade eyes,

What happens is no surprise.

The ambiance of their love---is still felt in the woods and

hills of their ranch,

When on a full-moon their great-grandchildren swear they

see them dance under the same branch.

Every Valentine’s Day flowers are placed on their graves

because that was their wedding day,

Their descendant prayed for their souls and danced the night


This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2012 Barbara Purvis Hunter


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