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Simple Love

Updated on April 11, 2012

Love Connection

A couple walks in

I sit and watch

Their love is radiant

She stops and waits

Wrapping her arm around his waist

They are up there in years about retirement age

Soft guiitar music can be heard being played

Spending the day together

Eating lunch or out for the evening

It doesn't matter

They are like a king and queen

Who fit perfectly together

Complementing each other often

I would love to say that was my mom and dad

Growing up I know that is the way they would be

I can see their love pass from hand to hand

Kind words cherished when money was short

A passion you could adore

It is who they were

Life so intreguing

The mystery of life so powerful

Yet still unkown

We can only guess

What would happen next

My mother who is home alone

Still thinking of my father

Almost twenty one years have passed

Tears of joy I shed for a couple

Who lasted through it all

How special that is

I think of my mom and dad

In spirit they also walk arm and arm

So happy

When the door opens the wind rushes in

I can feel their essence

I can hear them whisper to each others ear

The way young lovers do

Always finding ways to make each other smile

Their attraction has never been greater

My eyes have closed for a second

I must of drifted off

Rubbing my eyes again

Trying to see what I always dreamed

My loving parents

Who taught me what love is all about


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