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A Crime In Rhyme: Chapter 2

Updated on July 4, 2012

If you've just arrived on this chapter and haven't read the first, click here.

Chapter Two

And in the hubbub down below
Police shout “over here!”
They’re running down an alley way -
A man is crouched in fear

He’s dressed in rags, he smells, he’s scared
He holds a kitchen knife
Blood-soaked, trembling, cops arrest him
Threaten he’ll do life

Interview room. 2am. A
Stand-still still ensues
“What were you doing in the alley”
Relentless cop pursues

“It wasn’t me. I’m innocent.
I swear I didn’t kill.
It wasn’t me. Wish I could tell.
I do not have the will”

“Young man, you’re going to tell me more
I’ve got a stack of time.
And as the evidence is mounted
You’ll be charged this crime”

And so the stand-still still stands still
The night gives nothing good
Morning comes, and officers
Take to the neighbourhood

The fifteenth time the question’s asked
By Harvey, man says “Sure.
I’ve seen that man. I see him still.
He’s always round next door”

The hurried thanks and doubled steps
Take Jo and Harvey there
They knock the door, it’s answered by
A man with greasy hair

“We’d like to ask some questions, please”
The pair ask, stepping in
The man’s defensive, “I’ve done nothing”
The house smells like a bin.

“Just tell us what we need to know
And we’ll be on our way.
We need to know about this man
Do you have ought to say?”

The grease ball laughs – a laugh so cold
And empty of all feeling
“You want to know ‘bout stinky Todd?
Alright, what’s he been stealing..?”

“Nothing, sir” this, Harvey says
His voice laced with restraint
“Just tell us how you know him please”
The grease ball’s looking faint

“All right” he sighs “I’ll give” he sits
“But please, don’t take me in.
I’m not a big time drug dealer…
I just help friends out. Gin?”

And as he talks and drinks his gin
The man regales and shrugs.
“I help him out. He gets in trouble.
Can’t live without drugs.”



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    • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

      Jose Velasquez 5 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

      Okay a new twist. arrest the drug dealer, and take him in for questioning.