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A Crime In Rhyme: Chapter 3

Updated on July 4, 2012

Remember to read this from chapter 1

Chapter Three

Somewhere near, the murder scene is
Empty, but for three:
A cop, a priest, a wife all sit
And drink a strong brewed tea

“My priest is here for comfort” says the
Wife and sips her tea
“I understand” The copper says
“Now tell. What did you see?”

The wife begins her sorry tale,
Her voice is cracked with woe
“It all came out of nowhere, see -
A big surprise, you know?

My Jeff had just got in from work
He started making toast.
I heard a crash, a bang, a shout
I thought he’d seen a ghost!

But then I heard an angry man
‘Your wallet, now’ he raved
I didn’t move – I was so scared
My Jeff though, mugger braved

‘Oh no’ he said ‘it’s mine, you see’
I peeked and braved my fears
I saw a man, a knife in hand…”
The wife bursts into tears

At the lab the tests confirm
The bloodied knife to blame
But still within the prison cell
The suspect says the same

“We found a wallet in your coat”
The officer declares
“Belonged to victim. What say you?”
The suspect sits and stares

“It wasn’t me. I’m innocent.
I swear I didn’t kill.
It wasn’t me. Wish I could tell.
I do not have the will”

“Young man, you need to tell us more
We’re running out of time.
And if you don’t speak sense to us
We’ll charge you with the crime”

Investigation shows the suspect
Struggling every day
With loan-shark debts up to his ears
And drug dealers to pay

The leading cop upon the case
Strides in to suspect’s cell
He bellows “you’re a murderer
It’s plain you’ll rot in hell”

“It wasn’t me. I’m innocent.
I swear I didn’t kill.
It wasn’t me. Wish I could tell.
I do not have the will”

“Young man, your words will do no good
You’ve now run out of time.
You’re free to speak, but to the judge -
We charge you with this crime”

The judge peers down, adjusts his wig,
The jury’s deep in thought
The evidence is laid out bare
Presented to the court

“This man was found near scene of crime
All soaked in guilt and blood.
He held the knife which took his life
And lived in neighbourhood.

It seems he had addiction rife
And needed cash to pay.
The victim’s wallet in his coat
Was found on the same day.

The victim’s wife described this man
Identified him, cried -
The man she saw inside her house
The day her husband died

We’ve asked him many questions,
But his answers made no sense.
The only thing he’s said is to
Profess his innocence.”

The trial ends, the jury stand
The judge opens his book:
“I sentence you to life in prison –
There you’ll die, with luck”.



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