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A Crime In Rhyme: Chapter 4

Updated on July 4, 2012

Remember to start from chapter one.

Chapter Four

Ten years have past. The wife, at last
Has moved on with her life
New home, new job, a brand new man
Who’s proud to call her ‘wife’

But on this day in sunny May
Her heart gives out a flutter
The kind that sends a warning sign
The wife falls to the gutter

The ambulance is summoned, fast
She’s treated urgently
The doctor takes her hand, and shakes
His head: “I’m so sorry”

“I want a priest” the wife declares
“To send me on my way.
In heaven I’ll be with my love
We’ll watch his killer pay”

The priest arrives, and blesses fast
For life is fading quickly
“I’ve no regrets” the wife announces
Looking pale and sickly

The priest is gone, the nurse attends
The room holds just the two
The lady grasps the nurse’s hand
“I don’t know what to do!”

The nurse gives comfort, smiles and hugs
“Death is not the end.
God will be there, love you, take you
Jesus Christ your friend”

“As I die” the lady says
“Could I tell you a tale?”
“Of course” the nurse says, pulls a chair
The lady gives a wail

“My husband, killed!” She starts, so fast
“I saw a desperate man.
He needed money, for his life
And so I made a plan.

He wouldn’t kill him, though I asked
Instead, he took the blame.
I paid him just to hold the blade
He thought it was a game.

My life’s been rich these last 10 years
His life insurance paid.
I will not go to heaven, no.
My hellish bed I’ve made”

With that, she sighs curls up and dies
Her new found man bursts in
“I’m sorry” says the nurse “She’s gone”
Her life, her tale, her sin.



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