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A Crushed Heart

Updated on January 23, 2018

Solitary footsteps squeak across the floor,

echoes of laughter crying out for more,

dying embers slowly fade to dust,

gone the flame you lovingly did trust.

Where's the joy that somehow held your hand,

turned to sorrow you now understand,

silent tears that roll down your face,

sobs of pity your shoulders tried to shake.

Lost within your soul your memories lay,

thoughts of love turned cold on your knees you pray,

the light that warmed my heart had frozen into grief,

alone and afraid shaking like a leaf.

Bitter days ahead can't seem to ease my mind,

trapped inside my past my life now in a bind,

some-where's gone my love crushed full of doubt,

in tears I search alone a waiting heart without.


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  • Hear Me profile image

    Hear Me 6 years ago from Somewhere in Florida

    Very descriptive and well written.

  • Mark Psychedlic profile image

    Mark Hodges 6 years ago from Birmingham UK

    look forward to viewing it thankyou.

  • lindsy lohan222 profile image

    lindsy lohan222 6 years ago from no where

    yes that is so kool and brilliant, i give you 1000% of stars for your brilliant idea mark lol thanks for you hint beacause i am going to make a picture sceene about it ;)

  • profile image

    lostwithinmyself 6 years ago

    OMG brilliant hun, Defiantly voted up from me :). xxx