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Updated on September 7, 2013


Shades of grey dispersed in the sky

waiting for the dark to come alive

Im someone with an evil intention

come to take you to another dimension

where heart bleeds,bodies ripped apart,souls cried & pain strikes

a place where life plays no part but death confronts every doomed heart

so now you know im no angel

but someone with a black heart

im destined for destruction,have a passion for kill

my thirst for souls is never fullfilled.

But the unexpected that happened to me

i felt a spark when i saw an angel at far

she was scared and alone

lost in a world where she doesnt belong

surrounded by strangers with no one to hold

looking in the crowd for someone for console

then she laid her eyes on me

with a feeling that i might be the one

who felt the pain she feels

with that hope in her eyes

how can i tell her im no angel

but a demon in disguise

For a moment i felt what i have never felt before

a storm of emotions inside me just arose

you made my heart beat in my chest

made me realize i have a heart

which i thought was long dead

you made me change my mind

i used to say who needs an angel in life

but you made me believe

even demon needs an angel to retrieve

the ones with dreams in their eyes

waiting to be held and loved

wanted to be feel and touch

love is hard for someone like me

who is a demon in real

i know im being delusional but i dont care

just wants to feel how its like to be

with someone who is not like me

it wasnt suppose to happen what just happened

but my heart was not in that position to make a decision

holding her in my arms,looking in her eyes

kissing her lips with my heart whispering inside

you are mine and only mine

Dont want to hide the truth from you

but im afraid if you discover i will lose you too

my heart that beated for a moment

a moment when your heart beated for me

you took all that away with your fear

that says "my soul is mine but not yours to take"

so stay away ,you are death with no pulse

life is not for you nor is love

i cant live with a broken heart

the only way i can survive is to cut it apart

that was the day when i killed myself

and believed in what i used to say

"a demon doesnot need an angel "anyway

but i put the blame on me

shouldnt let myself falling for an angel

who was never meant for me


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