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A Dark Day On Hearst's Yacht Oneida

Updated on April 6, 2015
Matt Easterbrook5 profile image

Author: Matthew A. Easterbrook Matthew A. Easterbrook was born in the San Francisco Bay area and grew up on his grandparent's ranch in Par

Thomas Ince

William Randolph Hearst

What Happened on this Yacht in San Simeon, California?

Today when society and most Americans look at William Randolph Hearst they see a very wealthy and influential man. The truth of the matter is he was a man of great wealth and power. William was born into a very wealthy family and was able to add to this wealth throughout his career as a famous "Journalist". What some people may not know is that Williams father actually gave him the newspaper; The San Francisco Examiner. He then capitalized on this opportunity and went on to buy magazines, such as The New York Journal, television series, and other newspapers. He was also well known for his "yellow journalism."

William Randolph Hearst A Man Of Great Power and Influence

People that were close to William also viewed him as a man with culture. This was attributed to his mother's influence on him as a child. Mrs. Hearst had young William travel with her throughout Europe, which is where his fascination for castles and passion for art came into play later in his life. Because of this influence William Randolph Hearst, with assistance of his hired architect, Julia Morgan, constructed what is known today as The Hearst Castle. The Hearst Castle was a great dream project for William and some say he was almost possessed and obsessed by the 28 year construction project that was never quite completed. Some rumors say the reason William could never finish the project was due to the spirit of Thomas Ince, and the black cloud that surrounded this notable man while visiting William Randolph Hearst at San Simeon, California. Many people in the rumor mill talk about how William possibly could have used his money, power, and influence to cover up a murder that he may have committed. This incident some believe was always William Randolph Hearst dark side of life. In fact a lot of psychics and historians believe that The Hearst Castle maybe actually a haunted castle with spirits trapped in side. So, how could this be? Some rumors even suggest that the reason for this is because Thomas Ince still haunts Hearst Castle. This may be attributed to how Thomas died. The entire estate is known to have eeriness about it especially after dark. Many people to this day believe this is due to the traumatic nature and way Thomas died at San Simeon on 11/15/24.The facts of Thomas's death to this day are still skeptical and very mysterious. It is thought that Thomas Ince which was a very famous movie producer and director died while attending his 42nd birthday hosted by William Randolph Hearst aboard his yacht the "Oneida" in San Simeon. Some believe Thomas Ince was actually shot in the middle of his forehead, and did not die of a heart attack as the medical examiner reported. This in turn creates a lot of suspicion and finger pointing at William Randolph Hearst as the mad man who pulled the trigger of the homicide weapon. Gossips from this era portray William Randolph Hearst as a man obsessed and possessive of his mistress, actress Marion Davies. Because of his jealousy some people believe that William possibly snapped when he found Marion Davies and Charlie Chaplin being intimate aboard his yacht. People believe that possibly William became so outraged over that intimate encounter that he may have killed Thomas Ince accidentally as he got in the middle of a William Randolph Hearst and Charlie Chaplin argument. It is a known rumor that Hearst may have shot Ince in the head with his personal revolver. However, to this day there is no confirmation as to what actually occurred on this dark and dreary day aboard the Oneida. Where it becomes very questionable is the fact that William Randolph Hearst personal physician, who was not a practicing medical doctor at the time of Thomas death, signed Ince’s death certificate, listing the death as a heart attack. Many skeptics believe that this was a classic case of William trying to use his power and influence to cover up this dark secret. Others have even added to this by saying that he also paid off and took care of all the other visitors that were aboard his yacht that day as a way to keep them silent. Today with our modern technology and great skills of our medical examiners it would be very easy to find out the real truth. But unfortunately Ince’s body was cremated, so this can never be revisited.

The Golden Man with A Cold Heart

Other things also point to William being heartless, cold, and unnecessarily hard and strict on his employees. Any employee who crossed him allegedly would be fired immediately. One specific incident points to him firing a secretary for not allowing him to come in back of the front counter because she did not know who he was at the time. He was known to have fired employees on Christmas Eve, literally forming a line and pleasurably telling them they were fired just before Christmas. This presumably was to make sure that they all had a dark and miserable Christmas with their families. The best analogy and portrayal would be the paraphrase "The Golden man with a cold heart". Due to this dark side many people still believe that spirits of William Randolph Hearst and Thomas Ince are still present at the San Simeon Hearst Castle, and have even been seen roaming the estate after dark. William Randolph Hearst left his residency at Hearst castle in 1947, when he became very ill and his dream project was never finished. Some psychics and historians believe that this was his punishment for the traumatic death of Thomas Ince. Then in 1951 William Randolph Hearst died at the age of 88 years old. Since his death many workers, visitors, and tourists have reported "ghost sightings” at the Hearst Castle Estate.

In Summary This is an Investigation Case for The Paranormal Society

I would challenge the paranormal society to investigate these rumors, and possibly bring in a team of professional psychics to explore what occurred at San Simeon in 1924 and to investigate the possibility of The Hearst Castle being a haunted castle from the lost spirit of Thomas Ince that died in San Simeon.

The Cat's Meow Trailer (Movie That was made about the mysterious death)

Was Thomas Ince murdered

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Hearst Castle

Is Hearst Castle Haunted

Does Thomas Ince and William Randolph Hearst Spirit still reside in Hearst Castle?

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    • Matt Easterbrook5 profile imageAUTHOR

      Matthew A Easterbrook 

      3 years ago from Oregon

      Thank you Marlene for your nice comment. A day visit at Hearst Castle maybe better to visit as the Castle is really a beautiful place to tour. They have tour guides with you and there is a lot of history as well. The incident with Thomas Ince you are right is real and is a very dark secret.



    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 

      3 years ago from USA

      What a fascinating story. I live in California, so I have heard a lot about the Hearst family, but not a whole lot about Thomas Ince's spirit and the connection to the Hearst Castle. I'm not a fan of haunted houses, so I think that is one place I may never visit. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed reading this story.

    • Matt Easterbrook5 profile imageAUTHOR

      Matthew A Easterbrook 

      5 years ago from Oregon

      Cynthia thank you for sharing as well.

    • Matt Easterbrook5 profile imageAUTHOR

      Matthew A Easterbrook 

      5 years ago from Oregon

      Thank you Cynthia. Im glad you,liked it snd I agree about sensing a cover up. A lot of paranormal activities have been teported through the years.

    • Cynthia Hoover profile image

      Cynthia Hoover 

      5 years ago from Newton, West Virginia

      Oh how I love a good coverup mystery and ghost stories. Seems to me all the speculation adds up to a murder! Great article! Voted up. Awesome and interesting! Keep up the good work Matt!


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