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A Day After School

Updated on October 13, 2010

What this is

Ah.... 11th grade English.... Was a fun year. I was at my most depressed. Yeah the focus of this was to write in the perceptive of someone we knew. I picked the woman who at the time I loved. She hated me and I knew it. She was also a simple minded person. This made it easy getting into her thoughts.

A Day After School

Sigh. Only about a month now until school is out and I am free.  Well almost free because I still kind of have to get that summer job, earn some money, go off to college and then I am free.  I wish it would come sooner for it is something I just can not wait for.  It is sad though in a way since I won’t really get so see my friend Mary but at least I will still have Liz with me.

I hate Thursdays.  The bus always takes so long to get here but at least it gives me some time to read.  I did not know this book Liz told me about would be so interesting.  It is really cool and does help me get my mind of a few things but oh look who comes now.  Timmy George Williams.  Does he always have to chat with me after school even when he can clearly see I am reading?

“Hi Jill, so umm what are you reading? Oh is that the Dark Tower book that Liz told me all about that time when we were on the bus?”

“Yeah it is and I am almost done with it too.”

“That’s awesome. Is it really that good?”

“Yeah I guess so it is something which really sucks you into it.”

Ah now he just had to sit right next to me and start to just sit there.  I wonder what goes through his head sometimes when he is just sitting there.  I know he is probably reading over my actions wondering what I am thinking about.  Why does he always have to play with that string on his ring I gave him?  It is just a worthless piece of rubber why does he constantly have to play with it.  Yeah today is one day I wish he was not here due to how I am feeling right now.  He is sure to pick up on it.  He always does some how. 

Grrr, it seems my brother is looking at us right now.  Why does he always have to do things which bug me?  I wish sometimes I did not have a little brother, as I could get some peace for once without all the stress.

“Um, Jill are you ok?  Today you seem like something on your mind has something been bugging you?”

“Yeah, kind of.  My brother was fighting with my father yesterday and this morning my mother got into it as well.  They always seem to gang up against my father and I am the only one who defends him.”

“What were they fighting about?”

“Um, you know, just the usual. Normally I just go off to my room but my brother still bugs me in there later and if not he teases the cat.”

“You know I could always talk with your brother and tell him not to bug you and…”

“No no no. Its fine if you talk with him he will think I told you to and then he will really bug me.”

“Are you sure Jill cause I am sure I can get him to stop if I ask him?”

“YES! Just let things be I am fine and I will be off to college soon either way.”

Urg! Why does he always have to be that way?  He always seems to want to help me in some way.  I don’t need his help in any way.  I have done without anyone’s help so far in my life and will be able to go on without help.  He is like some overly protective brother in away and is so annoying.  I know how he feels about me but I can handle myself and don’t need him to always try to come to my rescue. Oh that does remind me now about what I need to tell him.

“Um, Tim you know about the state band festival next week?”

“Yeah that’s going to be so much fun huh?”

Oh, I have no clue how to phrase this but I know I have to do it since I talked to Mary and Liz about doing this sometime soon. Yeah I really hope he doesn’t get mad at me for this.

“Yeah well about it I was kind of wondering if you could um… Kind of back of a little that day because it is the final band trip and Mary, Liz and I were kind of hoping to just spend the time with the three of us since it is getting near the end of the year and we wont see each other again and stuff.”

Oh just look at him I know he is angry and me and is going to just say no and stuff.

“Yeah that’s ok Jill. I understand that its cool I will remember to avoid you on that day.”

Ah well, that’s a relief he agreed to it and now that means….

“But also though, I do wonder if this was just your idea or Mary’s and Liz’s idea.  So whose idea was it?”

Crap what am I to tell him now? It was mostly Liz’s idea but I was the one who brought it up though. Ah I don’t know what to say.

“Um ah, well it was mostly Liz and mine idea we were the ones who talked about it mostly.  Mary was not really listening but I have been meaning to tell you about this the past couple days.  Because all of us were going to go look at my sisters dorm when we are there so were kind of wishing you would back off and give us some space and we can always…”

“Ah yeah its ok you don’t have explain any more I understand and I ready agreed I would do it so yeah its fine.  And oh to make things even better for you I will start following your order right now this second.  So yeah see ya later and I am sure your bus will be here any second.”

“No wait Tim just a second you don’t have too…”

Now look at that there he goes storming off.  I knew he would overreact to all this.  Good though that I will get some free space away from him but I do worry if he is really all ok with this. Sigh.  Well at least here comes my bus around the corner and it’s a good thing it’s a three day weekend.


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