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A Day At The Beach.

Updated on December 3, 2012

This is what happens when I listen to Death Cab For Cutie and don't get any sleep.

I stared into the nothingness.
At first there was nothing.
Just a void. Something that would be nothing if only it weren't something.
Not quite darkness. But definitely not light.
It was just nothing.
Err... Something.
It's hard to explain.
Then there was the noise.
One drum, beating alone in the nothing that was something.
Soon it was accompanied by another. And another.
Before I knew it, there was a steady beat surrounding me.
Then a gentle groove. A slow bass line boomed along with the drums.
Suddenly the nothingness evolves, and I am surrounded by darkness.
The bass and drums become louder, occupying the darkness around me.
Far, far away a small light blinks into existence. Small but piercing in the dark.
It blinks a few more times before becoming solid.
Impossibly bright in the distance, it begins to grow.
I feel a tingling and suddenly I have toes. Wiggling and sensitive, I stretch them and realize I have feet. I follow the toes up my foot and around my ankles. Just above the ankles, I discover my legs. Slowly but strangely, I become complete. I stretch my arms, overwhelmed by my newly acquired strength and flexibility. I find that I can move my eyes, I glance around the darkness.
Suddenly I realize I am surrounded by tiny lights. They shine and sparkle above me like...
I have memories of clear rocks that glisten and shine, small flying creatures unlike myself who glow a mysterious green light, and small sticks that burst into...
Suddenly I feel warmth surrounding me, washing over me, making me feel warm, comfortable. The corners of my mouth twist upward. I feel safe, I feel complete.
I open my mouth and an invisible gas exists. It surrounds me, inflates me, clears my vision, and makes me stronger.
I open my mouth for more of the gas, but a strange liquid pours from my mouth on to my chest. I feel a violent charge from my chest and vomit more of the liquid.
I think that's called coughing.
As I cough, the flights all blur and flash in front of me and then disappear.
I gasp for air but none comes.
I try to flex but I have no arms. I have no legs. I have no feet. I have no toes.
I search the darkness, but I am not to be found. Just my conscience remains.
Suddenly, everything turns on again. My toes start to tingle worse than before, my legs shake, my arms start flopping, and I feel a charge building in my chest and I desperately try to breathe. I focus on breathing. I give it my all.
I feel the charge begin moving its way up my throat and a small light appears.
The cough reaches my mouth and the light grows large and rushes towards me.
I cough once more, and the water pours from my lungs.

My eyes shoot open as the lifeguard continues to push down on my chest. I turn to my side and throw up the rest of the water into the sand. A sigh of relief washes over my friends and family as I try to get up. My eyes wander around to see my loved ones catching their breath.
"You must've got caught up in the riptide, man", the lifeguard said, "we almost lost ya"

"yeah...", I replied.

© 2012 Ryan Smith


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    • profile image

      anniegelderman 5 years ago

      Awesome! I didn't know what to expect at the end, very entertaining. Well-written!!