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A Day In The Life: A Spartans Rise

Updated on April 14, 2015

A Day in the Life: A Spartans Rise

A Halo 4 Fan-Fiction

By Magus and Grimm


Lieutenant Jim Morley, Spartan A371, placed his head in his hands and sighed in frustration. The past week had been nothing but a nightmare, what with the recent Promethean attack on Infinity; the Spartan Reserves had been reduced by a third and he had been promoted to oversee the training of the new recruits being shipped in. Three squads were slated to be shipped in: Fire team Gremlin, Fire team Omega, and Fire team Feral.

Gremlin and Omega weren’t his problem though, it was Feral. Rumor had that they had entered into the Spartan IV program in the lowest percentile. They were misfits, washouts, and outcast, the kind of team he didn’t want responsibility for. As he re-read their service record, the lump that was forming in his stomach began to grow. Two got along fairly well if you excluded the numerous injuries that they’ve inflicted on each other (accidentally). One was antisocial and quiet, like really quiet. Silence could take a lesson. The last was on his last chance before he would be given a court martial; provided he didn’t dismantle anything he wasn’t supposed to.

“How am I supposed to deal with these kids” he thought stressfully. Barely a week ago, he was in charge of Fire team Sword and that was bad enough. After Swords many setbacks during the campaign to take Requiem back from the Covenant. They had finally bit the big one during an Op to take a supply depot. Spartan S092, Kale, had managed to blow himself up, before leaving the drop ship. Spartan S361, Josh, and Spartan S294, Maggie, were unable to continue active duty due to their injuries. Spartan S993, Nikolai, was MIA, presumed dead. He himself had managed to escape mostly unharmed, minus his right arm from the elbow down.

His nerves still burned where the prosthetic limb attached to his elbow. He felt ever since he had left the ODSTs he had been given crap detail again and again. When Infinity had shipped out he was held in reserve to safeguard crucial points aboard ship while everyone else had been off on different missions. Even when they had made contact with Requiem, he only saw action once they crash landed. Six months later when they returned to Requiem, he was given command of Fire Team Sword.

They were a bunch of former marines, still twitchy after the augmentation process. Every mission they went on was scrapped due to complications during the Op. And then their last mission, track down and secure a Covenant supply depot and supposed Forerunner weapons cache. The report stated that the depot was undermanned and isolated from the front, so it would be the perfect opportunity for a smash and grab Op. Jim was given the mission merely because his Fire team was available.

After their failure to even make it to the drop zone, he had undergone two surgeries. One to remove the metal and another to attach the prosthetic. He was then demoted to training the raw recruits fresh from earth. “Oh well” he sighed, “Better this than nothing”. He closed the reports and turned on the camera feed in the recruit barracks so see if anyone had arrived. Same as before, only the quiet one was there fully geared in his armor, a Wet work variant from the looks of it with an odd skull like helm, shaded black and dark blue with a white faceplate. An emblem was painted where the Fire Team Feral crest was supposed to be. A skull emblazed on a shield, an ONI Black Ops emblem, Lone Shield Squad.

He was Spartan F006, Ryan, he was recommended by a Commander Phillip Higgins, who then mysteriously vanished without a trace. Jim had heard that ONI was trying to push operatives into the Spartan program, but this was the first he had seen solid evidence. Something didn’t add up though, ONI wouldn’t make one of their operatives so obvious. He turned off the display, and walked to the lift. He would head down to the armory and get ready for the arrival of the others.

If all went well this might turn out to be interesting at least.


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