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A Deception

Updated on December 31, 2014



rj Sezack

Nigel Merryweather stood at the veranda doors sipping his tea and watching the Italian gardener.

“ Darling,” Nigel said to his wife Bernice,” Is it really necessary to have Fathers vegetable patch dug up now.? He is still alive you know.”

She set by the window at her embroidery hoop glancing out the window at the gardener.

“ Nigel dear, “ She said, looking up from the hoop,” The veggie garden is a shambles. Antonio is clearing it off to lay sod. Then it will look nice for the party. You do remember the party, don’t you dear.”

“ Yes darling, I do remember the party.” he said as he walked out onto the veranda and stood watching the gardener.

Bernice had hired this gardener while they were in Italy last year. He had worked at the villa where they stayed. And it was getting to be very expensive. It had taken him months to design the gardens, and then the great number of plants he imported.Then he had a greenhouse build beside the barn. Nigel had drawn the line at having dirt shipped in from Italy,that was just the last straw. He had told him he would have to use the dirt that was already here. The gardener had thrown his shovel down and stormed off talking to himself in Italian. And then this week he ask Bernice for money to buy fertilizer. Bernice said he needed it to make the soil good enough for his plants.

“Darling, the soil here has grown our plants very well for the last four hundred years. Your gardener can either plant his plants or take them all back to Italy. Enough is enough.” He had told Bernice. And now he was digging out father’s vegetable patch.

“ Bernice, darling, your gardener is not going to tear the rose garden out ,is he.” he said,as he closed the veranda door.

Bernice looked up and said in a monotone voice, “ Dear Nigel, you worry over such trivial things. No your precious roses are safe. I wouldn’t think of having them removed.” She hated to admit it but the rose garden was the only part of the grounds she thought was worth keeping.

“ That is where we are having the birthday party for Father.” He said walking over to the window overlooking the rose garden.” That’s about the only part of the grounds your man will not be taking out. It is so lovely,don’t you think. Did I tell you that Celesta and I put them in all on our own.”

“ Yes dear,” she said, in a bored voice. He had told her at least a thousand times. And then said ‘Oh, yes I suppose I have.’ Under her breath.

“ Oh, yes I suppose I have.” He said.

Bernice got up from her hoop and walked to the veranda doors and stood watching the gardener. He was shirtless and sweat was running down his body. Oh, if the old man would just die. Then Montworth Manor would actually be hers, to do with as she pleased. An Italian Villa in the English countryside. All this ghastly Victorian furniture could go, and the awful paintings of the family. Wallpaper, with flowers and beautiful artwork. Oh, how beautiful it will be. Nigel then would be the only thing holding her back, but that would be taken care of as soon as Philip died. Instead Phillp continues to dragging on, one would think he was doing it on purpose. The bloody bastard, she thought and almost blushed. What a thing for her to say, what would her mother have thought, then said,” Dear me.”

“ Death will come soon enough, darling, soon enough.” Nigel said.

She turned to look at him, it was as though he was reading her mind. He was standing behind her looking out the window as if in a daze.

Dr. Barnard came down the main stairs and knocked on the parlor doors. Not getting a response he knocked again and then walked in. Nigel and Bernice turned to face him as though he was an intruder.

“ Excuse me,” He said,” Am I interrupting something? I knocked and there wasn’t an answer.”

“ No, No,” Nigel said, “ Come right in, it’s quite alright Doctor. Is there a problem?”

“ No, just the opposite,” He said, as he poured a brandy, “ Your father is conscious. And wants to speak to you.” He drank down the brandy and turned and headed back out and up the stairs.

Nigel hurried after him, they had never expected him to regain consciousness. When he got to the top of the stairs the doctor was already in the room. and Nigel could hear his father’s voice calling for him.

“ I am here Father,” he said as he came in.

Philip Merryweather had been a stout man, but now he was nothing but skin and bones. His skin was an ashen color and his voice was raspy. Seeing Nigel he waved him to his bedside and told the doctor to get out.

“ I don’t think it is a good idea for me to leave you Philip.” Dr. Melvin said.

“ I said get out.” the old man said, “ I need to speak to my son alone.”

“ I will be outside the door if you should need me Nigel.” the Dr. said leaving the room.

“ Set down Nigel,” his father said, patting the bed, “ There is something I need to tell you before I die.”

“ Father you need to rest,” Nigel said, placing his hand on his father’s arm.

But his father continued to talk, he told him to go to the wall-safe and get the envelope out that was stamped with the Ministry of Records seal. Nigel opened the safe and found the envelope. Setting back on the bed, he began to pull the seal open.Before he could get it open his father reached and grabbed his hand.

“ Nigel, “ He said, then he coughed having a hard time breathing.

Nigel started for the door to get the Doctor but his father called him back. “ No.”

Nigel came back to the bed and set down. His father breath was shallow but he managed to speak. “ You are to read this, but do not let anyone else know.” He paused trying to regain his breath. “ Tell no one, Nigel.”

“ Nigel, Donald......Donald is the one, ” He reached for Nigel’s hand. But his arm fell limp, his eyes shut. He was still attempting to talk but no sound came out. ‘’ Trust no one, Nigel, my son, no one, Donald.....” He finally said, then he seemed to go to sleep.

“ Father,” Nigel said touching his father’s shoulder,”What about Donald?”

Philip's eyes slowly opened, and he said,”Just Davies, it is yours, do as you will.”

He gripped Nigel’s hand then went limp.

“ Doctor,” Nigel yelled running to the door. The Doctor and the nurse ran in and Nigel stood by the door. The nurse began to check his blood pressure as the doctor checked his pulse.

“ He is in bad shape,” The doctor said, then turned back to the nurse. She told him that his blood pressure as fading. “ Nigel, you need to leave the room.” as the nurse prepared a syringe.

Nigel turned and walked slowly out the door,then he remembered the envelope. When he came back in the nurse was preparing to give his father an injection. But Dr. Barnard was about to put the envelope in his bag.

“ I believe I left that in here doctor.” Nigel said.

“ Yes, Yes, I was about to bringing it down to you.” He said, handing the envelope to Nigel.

Nigel walked down the stairs slowly, glancing back Dr. Barnard was watching him. Was he a part of this? Davies was standing at the bottom of the stairs .

“ Is the Mister passing, Sir?” he asked.

“ At anytime, Davies, at anytime,” Nigel said, as he walked into his Father's study. As he placed the envelope in the safe, he turned and asked Davies to come in and shut the door.

Thinking for a second he then asked,” Davies, you have been with Father for a long time haven't you?”

“Yessir,” Davies replied.

“ Do you know any reason that Father would not trust Dr. Barnard or Donald Tower?”

Davies stood without answering, then said,”Sir, your Father gave me very strict orders to be sure that the envelope would be delivered to you if something happen to him.”

“You do know what is in the envelope?”

“ Yes Sir,”

“ Thank you Davies.” Nigel said,” You my go now.” Then added, “ Davies, I do hope you will be as loyal to me.”

“ Yes Sir,” Davies said,” To the death, Master Merryweather.”

Nigel looked at Davies and realized that this was the first time he had seen him smile. Nigel nodded and Davies backed out of the room and close the doors. He stood looking around the study. A great weight seem to lift off his shoulders. An American had made an offer to buy Montworth. He had hated this place ever since the death of his mother. She had been ill but his father had insisted she go with him to a party. It was cold and snowing out. His father had to make the grand entrance in an open carriage. Nigel's mother had caught pneumonia and died. Nigel was away at school, his father had not even sent for him, till she had died.

‘Your education was important. There was nothing you could have done.’ He had said.

Yes he would sell this place. And never look back. He had already purchased a townhouse in London, he stayed there when he had to stay over on business. Bernice could have her Italian gardener, if he wanted her after the divorce .

When Nigel returned to the parlor, Bernice was still standing watching the gardener.He went to the bar and poured a Scotch.

“ How was Phillp, Nigel dear.” She said without turning.

“ Just able to talk, “ He said, then downed the Scotch.

Dr. Barnard walked slowly into the parlor and poured a brandy and drank it down. He poured another and stood looking into the glass. Then he turned holding the glass high towards Philip’s room and said,” To you Phillip,” then under his breath he said, “ the deception will soon be complete.”

“ Is he......” Nigel began saying.

“ No, he’s not dead, but he is damn close.” The doctor said. He walked pass

Nigel shaking his head and talking to himself. “ I don’t know how he is hanging on. A lesser man would have been dead weeks ago. Such pain, he is in such pain. I have given him as much pain medicine as I can.” He poured another brandy then he walked out into the rose garden.

Nigel stood at the rose garden door watching Dr.Barnard. As he was about to go out Davies announced that Lord and Lady Hamilton had arrived.

Bernice met them at the door,” I hope you had a good trip here, Celesta. Randy that is such a sporty car.” She said leading them into the parlor. “ Davies, have their bags taken up and bring some tea and cakes.”

“ Yes, I got it while we were in France.” Randolph said.

“ Dear, Celesta and Randy are here.” She said to Nigel as they came into the parlor. He didn’t seem to hear her so she said, “ Dear.”

“ Yes, yes, please forgive me my mind was somewhere else. How are you both? “ He said coming over and kissing his sister on the cheek then shaking Randolph’s hand.

“ We have just returned from France. Had a smashing time.” Randolph said. “ You two must go with us sometime.”

“ Nigel, how is father?” Celesta ask.

“ Not good.” He said, “ He was awake just moments ago. But not for long. The doctor had to sedate him.” Then he turned and walked out into the rose garden. He had in mind to ask Dr. Barnard what he meant by what he said in the parlor. But he wasn’t there, Nigel was going around to the back of the house when something caused him to look up at his father’s bedroom window.The curtain fell shut and he was unable to see who had been there.

“ Nigel , Sandra and Charles are here.” Randolph said from the door.

“ Yes, be right there.” He said, still looking at the window.

“ Charles and Sarah are here dear.” Bernice said when he came in. “ We have some tea and cakes. Come sit down and we will all have a great chat about our trip.”

“ I am going up to father’s room.” Nigel said, and walked out of the room.

“ I must apologize for dear Nigel.” Bernice said. “ He is not himself today. Philip was awake moments before all of you arrived and he said something that has gotten Nigel upset terribly.”

“ He must realize that father is old and sick, it is his time. Nigel needs to let go, he is just going to make himself sick.” Celesta said.

” They have left father alone. Neither Dr. Barnard or the nurse are with him.” Nigel said when he returned to the parlor.

“ Nigel, you must stop this worrying about father. He is dying, and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it.” Celesta said,” Now come and have some tea.”

“ Perhaps you are right, perhaps you are right.” He said, as Davies came to the parlor.

“ Sir,might I have a word?”he said, then backed into the hall.

Nigel followed him into the hall, and asked, “ Is there a problem, Davies?”

“ Sir, I was passing by your study, the door was open and someone had been going thru your desk . Nothing seem to be missing, but the panel covering the safe was ajar, also. I thought you should be aware Sir, under the present circumstances.”

“ Did you see Dr. Barnard anywhere?”

‘’No Sir,” Davies said.

“ Thank you ,Davies.” he said , then went into the study. He checked the desk , nothing was missing. Opening the safe he saw that the envelope had not been touched. As he came out of the study Dr. Barnard came down the hall from the back of the house.

“ Doctor, .......?”

“ I have been out getting some fresh air.” Dr. Barnard said before Nigel could finish. Then went straight up the stairs.

“ The good doctor is act rather queerly, don’t you think Davies?”

“ Yes Sir.” Davies said.

“You will keep an eye on him won’t you?” Nigel said as he walked away.

As he returned to the parlor, Charles was at the bar with Randy. “ Nigel old boy, come, have a drink.” Charles said, holding up a bottle of scotch .

“ Charles, darling,” Sandra said, “ Don’t you think it is a little early for that?”

“Nonsense, Sandy,” he said,”Sun over the yardarm and all the Navel rot, right Nigel old boy.” Then laughed and poured his glass full and poured one for Nigel.

She gave a short sigh and turned back to talking to the ladies.

Charles was on his way to being drunk. And Nigel never much cared for him even

sober. What Sandra saw in him he never understood. Nigel went over to the window without answering him.

The next morning as the staff was preparing the garden for the party the twins arrived. They had taken the train into town and rented a horse and cart. When Nigel saw them coming down the lane he had to laugh. They always made a glorious entrance. They said they had gotten the cart because father always loved to take rides in a cart on Sunday afternoons. Everyone had a ride and laughed and sang as they rode around the estate. Nigel was even in a festive mood. He had even forgotten about the envelope.

The other guest arrived and the party was going well. They had all given a toast to Philip and held their glasses to his window. All his old school friend were telling stories of the good times they had and the trouble they had gotten into. They wondered where Dr. Barnard was, they said that Philip and Barnard were inseparable in school. Barnard had to work his way through medical school. So Philip worked with him as he studied finance, even though he didn’t need to. And then when they had gotten out of school Philip had gone into the bank with his father. Barnard worked in a hospital, and had his hope on an office of his own. As Nigel was standing by the punch bowl he overheard several of his father’s R.A.F. buddy’s talking. One of them ask about a nurse, he thought her name was Louise. The others said yes they thought that was right. Nigel moved closer so as to hear better. The one that had said her name was Louise said he had heard she and Philip had gotten married. It was the honorable thing to do one of them said, her being with child. Then he said was it his or Barnard’s, it was said he was having a fling with her also.

“ You know how he and Philip did everything together.” The oldest looking of the group said. They all laughed.

“ Yes, but his old man had had the whole thing hushed up. And had gotten the marriage annulled.” Another said. Then they stopped talking when Charles walked over.

Nigel was about to confront them when Davies came over to him and said that Mr. Tower was calling. “ I will take it in the study, Davies.”

“ What is it, dear?” Bernice ask.

“ I have a call I must take, darling.” He told her and walked away. Dr. Barnard was right, deception, it is all very nerving. He would be glad when it was all over.

“ Hello, Donald. “ he said.

“ Nigel I am leaving London now. When I get there we can talk.”

“ Donald,” he said, “ Father woke yesterday. He gave me an envelope. And I think Dr. Melvin tried to take it.”

“ Nigel, ” he said,” Don't trust anyone, do I make myself clear.”

“ Yes, Yes,” Nigel said, “ But....... Donald had already rungoff.

As he was walking back out to the party, Davies came into the parlor.

“ Yes, Davies?” Nigel ask.

“ Sir,” he said, then didn’t seem to speak.

“ Well, what it it ,Davies?” Nigel said, Davies looked pale like he had seen a ghost.

“ Sir,there is a gentleman at the front.” He said slowly, “ He said he is your brother, Sir?”

Nigel hesitated for a second then said, “ Take him to the study. No, father’s office. Yes, to father’s office. I will be there in a moment.” He went back out to the party and poured himself a Scotch. He drank it down and poured another.

Bernice saw him pour the second Scotch and knew something was wrong. “ Dear, what is the matter?” She asked as he walked by.

“ Nothing darling, not anything important.” He said, not stopping.

Davies was standing at the door of the office when Nigel walked in. “ Thank you Davis,” he said, “ We would not want this gentleman to cause a problem among the guest would we.”

“ No sir,” He said walking away.

When Nigel opened the door the gentleman was looking at the portrait's on the wall. He turned and said, “ So these are our ancestors.” And walked over to Nigel hold out his hand. Nigel stood hands to his side. “ Well, I quest I come as a shock to you.”

“ Yes,” Nigel said.

“ Well, I was just looking at the pictures and those behind the desk. Mother was right I do look a lot like him.” He said.

Nigel stood there quiet, then said,” Yes, you do, two arms, two legs, a head and I assume the other parts of the human body.”

“ Is this that dry English humor I’ve heard about or that English aristocratic rudeness.” He said.

Nigel noticed that he stated everything, even his questions. “ And what makes you think that you are my father’s son?”

He opened his briefcase and removed some papers and pictures. “ If you would look these over. Then we can discuss whether I am your brother or not.”

There was a birth certificate, it was from a county in Ohio. A wedding license signed by a priest at the parish in Dover, England, dated July 15 1940. Then an annulment dated ten days later.

“ Grandfather made sure he got father out of a marriage with an American nurse. Before his reputation was ruined.” He said. “ Oh, by the way, if you would like to know my name is Philip John Merryweather Jr.”

Nigel was looking at the photos, they were of his father and a nurse. “ Is this your mother? “ He ask.

“ Yes it is.”

“ I assumed so from the back.” Nigel said, then he stuck out his hand and said, “ I am Nigel Merryweather. I am pleased to meet you. At this time father is not taking guest. He is quite ill. But, we are having a birthday party for him. I would like to have you come out and join us. You are family.”

“ Thank you very much, I would enjoy that.” He said.

They walked out into the rose garden, Nigel poured another Scotch, “ Everyone,” he said, “ I would like to introduce you to........” Donald came into the rose garden interrupting him.

“ Excuse me all of you.” He said, “ I would like to Introduce you to a group of crooks. Inspector Colinswood, would you please have your men gather up these people.”

As the officer came into the garden, Charles tried to run across the back lawn. But a fast thinking officer was already there to grab him. Another officer came and put handcuffs on the gentleman that said he was Philip’s other son. The other guest were in shock, Sarah, Charles’s wife had fainted, Bernice had one of the staff bring the smelling salts for her. Dr. Barnard came out into the Garden and seeing the police knew it was over.

“ Excuse us everyone,” Dr. Barnard said,” I have some other bad news. Philip passed away just moments ago. He did not regain consciousness, and went quietly.” Then he said very slowly, “ I am very sorry to have spoiled the party.” Then he turned and walked back in the house.

The Inspector sent two officers after him. But before they could get to the door, a gunshot was heard in the parlor. The officers rushed in, then one returned to the door and said,” He is dead, Sir. Shot his self.”

“ Get these people off of my property,” Nigel said, as Charles passed by him he started to say something to Nigel. But Nigel looked at him and threw his glass of Scotch in his face.

Philip’s R.A.F. buddy’s raised their glasses and said, “ To one hell of a pilot and a fine friend.” They all came over and gave their condolences to Nigel and the rest of the family as they left.

Nigel started to go into the parlor but the police said he couldn’t till the body was removed. He could see the body of Dr. Barnard the officers had covered it with one of Bernice’s neddlepoint coverlets.

“ I think everyone would be more comfortable in the study.” Donald said, “ We can go in around the back of the house.”

He lead the way, Celesta and Bernice helped Sarah who was still in shock. Nigel turn and noticed that Randy was just standing by the bar in the garden. “Randy, are you alright?” He asked

“ I’m not sure, Nigel old boy.” He said,” But I think it ‘s all clear now.” Then he looked at Nigel and said, “ Charles was telling me yesterday that he could set me up in an a deal that would make us both a lot of money, when Philip died. Nigel, you don’t think I had any part in this do you?”

Nigel came over laying a hand on Randy’s shoulder and said,” No Randy.” Then he poured two Brandy’s, handing one to Randy.

“ Nigel, what is happening?” Bernice ask, as he and Randy came into the study.

“ I believe Donald is about to tell us.” He said.

He began to tell them that Dr. Barnard had gotten in a some very bad financial trouble. He had tried to borrow the money from Philip. Philip told him that there was no possible way the bank could help him. But he would lend him the money, because of their friendship. And to take as long as he needed to pay it back. He took the money, then he had to come back and ask for more. Philip said he would loan him the money this time but no more.

Dr. Barnard resented Philip for not letting him have more. The people he owed money to told him to get it or else. So he devised this plan when Philip came to him with cancer. He knew Philip would die, it was a matter of time. He decided to speed it up a little.

The nurse was a stroke of genius. Philip had fallen in love with her in the hospital. She just failed to tell him she was pregnant with Barnard’s child. He tried to stop her but she said he was not rich like Philip.

He planned the whole thing. Charles was recruited because Dr. Melvin knew he was broke. Charles found the young man that posed as Philip’s other son.

“ Is there another son? “ Nigel ask.

“ Yes, but he is not Philip’s but Dr. Barnard’s son.” Donald said. “ And that is it. Dr. Barnard was tiring to cheat the family out of Philip’s estate.”

“ I assume father realized what was happening.” Celesta said.

“ I called and ask why he had changed his will. He said he hadn’t changed it and I came out to show him the new will. Evidently Dr. Barnard had him sign some papers and slipped the fake will in.” If I had not called no one would have been the wiser till it was too late.” Donald told them.

Nigel was standing behind the chair Bernice was seating. She patted his hand and said,” Nigel dear, It has been so hard on you. But it is over now.”

“ Thank you, darling Bernice, it is finally over.” He said pulling his hand away from hers. It sounded good to say his. No more living in his father's house, working for him, like a good son. All that was left now was the will, and Donald was here already. Donald had all the papers to be filed for him to divorce Bernice. She like to have her little rendezvous with her gardener then she could have him.

It would be so good to get away from this place. Every time he mentioned it to his father he had said if he moved he would be cut out of the will. So now it was over, he could leave. And the American could have this place,good riddance.

Dr. Barnard with all of his contrived and elaborate plan, and could have just waited. Father had left him a large amount of money in his will.

Donald said he would return to London, and be back for the funeral. Then he could execute the will. Arrangements had already been made for Philip to be buried in three days after his death.

The funeral was held at the Catholic Church in town, Philip’s father and Grandfather were buried in the same cemetery beside the church. Nigel knew everyone there except a gentleman who stood at the back of the church. And at the cemetery he stayed off behind some large headstones. Nigel could never get a good look at him, but it seemed a little strange.

After the funeral the family assembled back at the house in Nigel’s study. Donald stood at the desk and the family seat around the room. He removed the papers from his briefcase and laid them on the desk. Nigel noticed an envelope like the one his father had him get out of the safe.

“ Before I read the last will and testament of Philip John Merryweather.”Nigel could you please open the safe and hand me the envelope that Philip gave to you” Donald said, taking it from Nigel, he opened it and said,“ I would like you to meet David Arthur Merryweather.”

Nigel stood straight up, and said, “ Donald, I thought you said he was the doctor’s son. What is the meaning of this.”

Everyone was talking at once. “ Let me explain, Philip thought that this young man was his son. Until a few months ago. Philip had been sending money to support David since he was born.”

“ He even sent me to college.” The young man said, “ I was always told he was my father. Mother never told me any different. Until she was dieing.”

“ Philip had made provisions for David in his will.” Donald said, “ But when David found what the truth was he renounced all claim to any of Philip’s estate.”

“ Under the circumstances I feel like he is entitled to something.” Nigel said.

It was agreed that David would receive the amount that Philip had set aside for him. Donald finished reading the will and everyone made a toast to Philip. Donald said he needed to use the phone in Philip’s office. David was leaving the day after tomorrow to go back to America.

“ That is a shame you can’t stay longer.” Nigel said.

“ Yes, I will be needing to get back to the bank. It is not a very large bank so I can’t stay away long.” He said.

“ Nigel is in banking also.” Randy said, “ You two have something in common.”

“ Why did you decide to go into financial world, David?” Nigel ask.

Before he could answer Donald came back in the study. “ Well, have all of you been having a good chat?” He ask. “ I must go. I have a considerable amount of work to do. David I transferred the moneys into your account in America.”

“ Excuse me Mr. Tower,” David said,” Would it be too much of a problem for me to catch a ride back with you to the train station. It has been very nice meeting all of you. Maybe we will meet some other time. Goodbye.”

The next morning Nigel came down stairs to breakfast. Everyone was on the back patio. No one wanted to go to the rose garden, because of the blood in the parlor. He ask if Bernice had come down but they said they had not seen her.

“ Silvia, would you check on Mrs. Merryweather please?” Nigel ask.

“ Madam wasn’t in her room this morning, sir.” She said, “ Bennie said that Madame had him take her to town early, sir.”

“ Where did he take her, Silva?”

“ To the train station, sir.” She said then walked back to the kitchen.

“ To the train station?” He said.

His sister and the twins ask him what this was all about at the same time. But he just sat sipping his tea. Then Davies came out to the table.

“ Sir, the police inspector is at the front door.”

“ Take him to my study, I will be right there.”

“ Mr. Merryweather,” The police inspector began,” I have just been informed by Scotland Yard that Mr.Tower, your wife and a young man that claimed to be your father’s son. Were just picked up at Heathrow, as they boarded an airplane to Switzerland. It seems Scotland Yard had information from your Mr. Davies that these people had an elaborate scheme to cheat you and your family out of your inheritance. They are in custody and the money has been redirected back to your bank. “ He then handed Nigel the envelope that had been in his safe.

Nigel began to laugh. “ It is all clear now. The nurse, did open the safe. She just made it look as though it had not been opened by putting another envelope in there. That’s why Donald took it from me before I could open it. And you knew all about this, Davies.”

“ Yes Sir.”

Nigel reached out his hand to Davies,and said,” I want to thank you, Davies.” after they had shook hands Davies backed out of the room. Nigel watched and smiled, at the door Davies looked up and smiled back and closed the door.

“ Inspector, is that quite it?” Nigel asked

“ Yes, Mr. Merryweather, I believe it is all over.” He shook Nigel’s hand and said he could find his own way to the door.

As he started to leave the study he noticed a note on the corner of his desk. He began to laugh as he read the note.

Davies came in the study to see if he was alright.

Nigel looked up through his tears and said, Davies,old boy, would you mind very much bringing father’s good Brandy out to the table and glasses. Thank you.”

“ This early Sir?”

“ Yes, we will all need a stiff drink after I tell the family “ He said.

He and Davies walked out on the back patio and Nigel said, “ Davies , please pour everyone a glass. And pour one for yourself, Also”

“ No thank you sir.” Davies said.

“ Well, ladies and gentlemen a toast. Drink it down family.” He said, “ I read now. Nigel dear, I have left you, Donald arranged for all the money to be put in his account. In Switzerland, that is where we will be by the time you read this. That young man played his part so fine we gave him a nice sum and sent him home. Goodbye Dear Nigel.” After he read the note, he told them what the inspector had told him.

Nigel poured another brandy and raised it in toast, “ To my man , and my friend, Davies.” He drank the brandy down. Then laughing out loud, he threw his glass against the wall,and said, “ Family, the Deception is finally over.” And walked around the corner house to the rose garden.


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    • rjsezack profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Wolfe 

      4 years ago from Ft. Worth, TX

      Thank you, Darling. I can use all the encouragement I can get.

      You are a good writer also, hurry and get to writing.

    • Lillly Rose1 profile image


      4 years ago from Texas

      Very good story, what a surprise ending. I believe you are a very writer. Keep up the good work.

    • rjsezack profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Wolfe 

      4 years ago from Ft. Worth, TX

      I did, I hope you liked it.

    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      you wrote this story yourself?


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