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A Declaration of Unity: Let's Give Peace A Chance

Updated on April 27, 2020
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


Let's Begin to Heal Our World

I thought I would start my poetry this year by writing a piece about how we need unity throughout the world. I didn’t want to stick with just one definition of it. Unity needs to be present in all forms of life. We need unity in different countries. We need it with our own country, if truth be told, we need it the most with our culture. Politicians and their media debates on government and environmental issues, among other things like; peer pressures, and over-the-top fake celebrity coverage that shows our young generation a negative way to live causes a lot of tension in our back yards.

Unfortunately, we live within a world that has so many things to overcome, that I sometimes wonder why I even bother trying to bring focus to this issue. However, if someone doesn’t try to keep putting this discussion out there, how will it ever be solved?

Do you know what really bugs me and always has? The fact that unity and peace among nations and our selves could be so simple. It only takes compassion for one another, no judgments on a lifestyle, more understanding of why we differ in opinions about important issues such as the gun-control issue. I don’t get why people who are against laws for gun-control, do not simply listen to what Obama is trying to say. It just puzzles me to death!!! It’s not like he is trying to make a law that discredits the second amendment, the law for gun control would not take the right away from a stable person who can use the weapon with restraint. It would only take away the rights to the ISIS followers in the world, the Adam Lanza’s of the world, who if his mother and himself had a thorough background check, would have been labeled as unstable and not issued a gun. Those little children and teachers could be with us today.

We should never forget these tragedies: the Aurora shootings, and recently the San Bernardino shootings, and it just escalates into madness that a simple background check could prevent from going further. Would it prevent every tragedy from happening, no, that is not a logical way to think, but it certainly could bring down the rate of unnecessary and dangerous gun usage? It could save some lives!!! And wouldn’t that be better than losing a theater full of people?

We all know it is going to continue this way until we find a middle ground with each other. Until we find unity to solve the problem. What is the real issue here, is what I wonder? Would it hurt you avid hunters and gun lovers to go through a background check? Because that is what you are saying; you do not want to submit yourselves to something so “simple." How silly, you are using the second amendment as a crutch to not have to do this, but let’s examine what amendment means shall we; What does the word amendment really mean?

[uh-mend-muh nt]
1.the act of amending or the state of being amended. alteration of or addition to a motion, bill, constitution, etc.
3.a change made by correction, addition, or deletion:
The editors made few amendments to the manuscript.

So, this is what an amendment is; It can be a correction, an addition, or deletion. It is a document that can be altered. And I think I am reading this right; an amendment is something that is under no obligation not to be amended again.

I Guess I Have to Make a Point With These Bozo Reality Shows

And all this I mention is not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things we need to focus on to bring unity to all nations. Some may say what I'm about to speak about next is being hypocritical of what I've said about judgments, but I am not trying to speak of it in a judgmental way. I am trying to talk about it in a way that brings notice to how television and the media influence the wrong ways.

It stresses me out tremendously that a simple television show could bring such judgments and negativity to us all. You know what show I’m talking about; Keeping Up with those Kardashians is not worth all the negative influence. Most of us adults, let’s be honest, do not keep up with those Kardashians, but our youth seem to find them entertaining.

Like I stated before, I’m not here to judge a lifestyle. If the Kardashians want to live in this way, it is their right, as long as they do not influence others. However, they do, and I’m sick of hearing about Kylie Jenner and her plastic surgeries and Bruce Jenner’s gender transition.

Even so, doesn't some of the blame have to go to the media for this? I mean, if truth be told, even the Kardashians have difficulty keeping up with themselves I bet. They have become a product instead of a human. We should get rid of such negative shows, and I would imagine even the Kardashians would even be better for it.

My opinion of this show when it comes to promoting negativity is basically with our youth, who now, after watching this show for years, think you have to be perfect. This type of show, in my opinion, will continue to promote a problem that has plagued us in our school system for many years; bullying! Not everyone can live lavish lifestyles, and I don't believe the way living a rich lifestyle is portrayed on television is a positive way to inspire unity within our youth. We should teach our children more compassion for others, and the media should stop broadcasting all these shows that promote a lifestyle that is more about being fake than real.

Let's Conquer Our Fears of Different

I could not end this without talking about building bridges. That to me is the ultimate way to bring unity into this world. And you know what? We have the platform now to do this.

The internet is a real genius to building relationships with others around the world, and let me tell you, I have taken advantage of this little device we call a computer. I have made so many friends from around the world, and it has truly helped me realize just how similar we are.

I am interested in the Muslim religion. I don’t have to be a Muslim to do this, just like my Muslim friends are curious to know about the Christian faith. We have discovered just how similar it is. It doesn’t mean we need to agree totally with each other’s beliefs and lifestyles, but an understanding is all it takes to bring a sense of peace to each other’s worlds.

We have common sense, don’t we? We do know that a certain group that is doing harm and killing others is not of any religious following? Yet, most are naïve enough to believe that type of group is representing the Muslim community of the world. What?! Please don’t insult your intelligence. Make a move. Be brave, and decide to communicate with others from all over the world. I think that is an issue right there. People seem to watch television too much, and the media coverage that depicts only a one-sided story is making the world go to war with each other. They are not brave enough to discover their own truths. I like Mother Theresa’s quote;

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa

There are so many through our history that we say are our heroes, yet we do not pay attention to their teachings it seems. You cannot be a fan or follower of the words of Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, or the Dalai Lama, and not try to build bridges and speak out on all ways to bring the world peace and unite as one. They were and are about peace, about unity, about building bridges to be as one nation under God. Whatever God you want to worship; it is still possible to be this one nation. It’s called compassion for others and their lifestyles. Helping one another understand different lifestyles in a way that brings us together instead of tearing our worlds apart. UNITY! It’s what everything is about.

I have placed links and videos that capture what the point I’m trying to put across here is, along with my poem. I hope everyone takes the time to listen to the songs, read the quotes, follow the links, and just study a movement we should all be involved with; the movement of one. Unity! World Peace!


Great Speech. Please Watch.

Let's Get It Started

Let's just be...

how about you be you, and I’ll be me, and let’s live in this world with much peace

and harmony.

It isn’t so hard to do you see…yet, if we don’t start, I do foresee, much immense and intense tragedy.

This world we live in is falling apart, with hate for races, cultures, and religious


How can this be? Why can’t we see… if you could just be you, and I would be

me, love would seep through these cracks of insanity?


We Have the Power

Why do we think it’s alright to judge…so what if we have different outlooks

on the world?

Are we not all born to be unique? Our personality coupled together with our own

fears, our own strengths.

Fear is the deception that makes us unhappy, and it restrains us to see

many positive characteristics.

Set yourselves free from guiding media, be your own person, make your

own decisions.


Keeping This Discussion Going

Do you stand with me on spreading the word?

See results

Admire The Simple Things In Life

Stop yourself on a busy day, stare at the sky, and the little things. Marvel at the beauty you see in a child or a little old couple that walks by.

We all focus too much on a rainy day, but we should try to look at it in a

different way.

Remember, your fear of the lightning may be strong, but carry optimism

to view the following rainbow.

Is it inconceivable to think that this world could one day be free…

I don’t think so, and therefore, I will continue to be an oddity, until all the oblivious wake up and join me...

© 2016 Missy Smith


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