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A Dog, A Cat and A Yard Sale

Updated on April 22, 2013

A local yard sale had five rows of five eight foot tables set up for the sale.

It was a busy Saturday morning. There were seven or eight people at the yard sale when a lady drove up and got out of her vehicle with a boxer on a leash. The dog seemed well behaved as he stayed next to her and wasn't straining at the leash to go somewhere else.

Just then a cat decided to walk thru the yard. The cat didn't see the boxer but the boxer saw the cat and barked. That is all the cat needed to start him running. The lady holding the leash was looking at things on the table and was not paying attention to holding the leash tight. The dog, when he saw the cat running, ran under the table toward the cat. The boxer ripped the leash out of the hand of the lady and went under the next table. The leash got tangled up on the leg of one of the table legs on the next row. The table turned over and glass got broke. The sound of the breaking glass spurred the boxer on and he turned over two more tables while pursuing the cat. There was a tree in the yard and the cat headed up it. The boxer stopped at the bottom of the tree and looking up at the cat kept barking.

The lady kept yelling the boxers name and for him to come to her but the boxer was concentrating on the cat in the tree. She finally walked over to the boxer and got hold of his leash and put him back in her vehicle. She ask the person holding the yard sale what the damage was. The only thing broke was some cheap glass ware worth five or six dollars. He told her that he probably wouldn't sell them anyway and she didn't owe him anything. She and everyone else there helped pick up the tables and put the unbroken items back on the tables. The person that had the yard sale told everyone not to bother with any broken glass as he didn't want them to possible cut themselves.

When all of the items was picked up the person holding the yard sale made a sign that said " Please Leave Your Dog In Your Vehicle " and posted it in my driveway.

He said The rest of the yard sale went smoothly.


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