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A Dream of Love And Betrayal

Updated on January 27, 2014

Dreams Upon My Bed

It was a day before my birthday, I rose early from my bed.

I was no longer sleepy because of the night thoughts circling my head.

I peered out the window, up into the sky;

I saw a half full moon, as the dawn of morning drew nigh.

It was a cold winter's day in the big Windy city;

so I will stay inside and even in here, it's a little chilly.

I Dreamed that I was married, to a beautiful and wealthy young fellow.

I Dreamed this Dream quite often, either it has some merit,

or it is my hidden desire.

As I sat upon my bed, I continued to dream,

but this time I was awake and slightly falling asleep.

He was tall and fairly dark, with rich, black, curly hair.

He had it cut in such a way that would suggest that he was very handsome.

We worked side by side, for he was my technical assistant.

He was excellent in what he did, for I didn't even pay him.

He wanted to work for me, but on his own terms;

to see if I was the kind of woman, that was focused and determined.

He was intrigued and impressed with my ladylike mannerism.

We travelled around together, where ever my work would lead.

We enjoyed each others company, as if we'd been friends for years.

He was so faithful to me, so committed, loyal and so true

There he was, right by my side, constantly helping me.

He always paid his way, on every single trip.

He never accepted my money and I never questioned his reasons.

He would say,"my mission is to serve, in every possible way,

to help you be the best you can be.

"So many men don't help women, even when it would benefit them.

I want to make a difference and with you it seems ideal."

We had a certain chemistry, the minute my eyes touched his.

My friend was his friend and had connected us together.

We were very cordial, and we never crossed the line.

We went around the world and had the most marvelous of times.

We were lovers appearing to others, but we maintained integrity of heart.

I was so taken by him. I felt we were meant to be together.

He always had my back and I looked out for him.

It came to that moment and time when he wanted to propose.

He was so shy in doing so. He actually beat around the bush.

In his pocket he had a ring and on one knee he committed.

It was the most beautiful ring, fitted just right for me.

No one else could possibly love him, the way that I loved him.

We were married for a few years, then the trouble came.

He had an affair, twelve times to be exact.

I told him from the start, 'I'm not voluptuously endowed.'

It didn't matter to him, but that was a complete lie.

I really wanted to hate him and erase him from this life;

but more I wanted to get back at him, for the betrayal and the lies.

I wanted him to feel, exactly what I felt, to be burned by

someone you love, and for them to seemed unscathed.

We never separated or divorced and never brought up the infidelity.

He came home as usual, and we became friends again.

I never showed my anger nor did I appear to be resentful.

I always treated him as if we were still husband and wife; although at times,

I avoided him, to keep from being to hostile

We carried on as if the breach had never happened

with a little help from our friends, we experienced a complete turnaround.

They convinced me it was the best thing, not to mediate on yesterday.

People make mistakes so I guess that means him.

If I hold it over his head, it would mean that love can't forgive.

So in my heart I forgave him and that's when we really started to live.

I bore him a son and it gave his heart much delight.

He wanted us to have a family, but I felt to old for that.

He use to pray over my stomach and God answered his prayers.

Never thought I would experience again, the woes of childbirth.

It's funny how love is, with it's many ups and downs.

Some people die at the hands of a lover, for betrayal and constant lies.

We somehow mended our differences, even though it hurt sometimes.

Friends told me he was a wreck, when he sought out their counsel.

I guess it was for the better, not to fight and bicker, but to have peace of mind,

and not hover over something, he has long since done.

Thank God it was just a Dream and the Day Dreams of wondering thoughts.

It appeared to be real, but not really real at all.

Sometimes Dreams are real but I am glad that in this case it was not.

I don't want a man who would betray me for another women.

His love was still good to me, even in the worst of our times.

He never despitefully used me or was harsh in his treatment with words.

He never pushed me aside all while he had a mistress.

Now that this is over, this thought has to be pushed aside, time for something fresh,

that I can write about.

Lover's Dream of Betrayal

Love Restored

Quotes About Betrayal By William Blake


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    • Kathy Carr profile image

      Kathy Carr 4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Thanks writinglover for your comment. So glad you enjoyed it.

    • writinglover profile image

      Jennifer 4 years ago from Lost...In Video Games

      This was beautifully written! Voted it up!