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A Dream or A memory

Updated on October 12, 2016


He opened his eyes to the mesmerizing view in front of him, the ocean waves now turned golden from the setting sun’s glow, the quickly cooling sand beneath him and the love of his life by his side, their wedding bands shining on their fingers. He silently watched her as she tuck her raven flocks behind her ears, the long hairs that extended up to her waist. Her flocks give way to the blue colored eyes that appear to be deeper than the ocean itself. Enhancing her beautiful eyes were her pearly whites, a smile so captivating it can make anyone its prisoner, bound to it in a glance.

Always looking at her he wondered, what was it that made him so lucky? It’s been a few years since they got marries and they were on one of those trips when they could just loose themselves in each other, only to find the other, the few days where they could forget every problem in the world only to be laying peacefully in each other’s embrace, an embrace full of warmth, love, passion and a sense of completion, they were so in love, knew the other so well that they could complete each other’s sentences. It was just the 2nd day of one such trip, last night after a long walk on the beach, they were just sitting and talking and had no idea when the sleep took them over. They fell asleep on the beach itself. They were like a match made in heaven, together since childhood, became one right after they completed their college, and got married when both of them could independently stand on their feet.

The one thing he loved the most about being married to her was that he could see her face every night before sleeping, and every morning after waking up, her face lost in a peaceful slumber was the first thing his sleepy eyes would gaze upon. He would just lay next to her, watching her sleep up until she woke up.

Walking up on the beach, with his arms around her, he looked into her eyes, and her dreamy gaze was enough to tell him that, she was thinking, how lucky she was that she got him as a life partner. She thinks back at the experience she has every morning, whenever she wakes up, her eyes full of sleep, her hairs a mess, and no makeup on, he would still look at her with all the love, like she was the most beautiful thing he has every laid his eyes upon, he treated her like she was a descendent of heaven, but in reality she knew, that he was the angel that descended from above to fill her life with love and a light whenever in dark.

He felt her close her eyes and put her head on his shoulder, he felt at peace, he was feeling content, he was feeling loved, and for once in his life, he was feeling complete. He thought nothing in his life could have been more perfect.

And then he woke up, sweating, in the hospital room, next to his wife, with all the machines still monitoring her, she was still lying there motionlessly, in a slumber that the doctors said may be eternal. Oh! How he wished that he could see her smile just once more that once more he could hear her laugh, but those haters in the white coats said, that they were in a coma, lost somewhere she couldn’t be found. But he knew how his every tear prayed that he could find her just once more, like once years ago they had found each other.


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