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A Druid's Lament by wulfdreamwalker

Updated on October 11, 2015

a druids lament

History is clouded and lost records not kept

of the ancient people known as Druids

Demonized and targeted by the church

Taking to hiding in sorrow their worship of Earth

Masking their ways hiding their beliefs

Becoming whatever makes them safe

practicing in secret educating orally

Traditions of wisdom and compassion

Centuries pass and wisdom flourishes

Hidden away from the religious foes

New ages arrive and knowledge is gleened

A new dawn of an ancient belief is born

Recreated by today's druids

Following as best possible the old ways

we make a stand

The ancient teachings lost and remade anew

New druids practicing worship based in nature

Blending technology with oral traditions

Living for Mother Earth and sharing

Wisdom and lifestyle both young and old

Often mistaken for ungodly beliefs

Spiritual in belief holy in essence

Nature is Good, Nature is God

we are Nature so we are Gods


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