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Updated on June 6, 2015

Farmer's The True Pillars In Our Society

Farmer's occupation is really the hardest labor in any forms of labor sectors however a most noble job of all jobs. Perhaps only few had think about what the farmer feels about in all his labor under the heat of the sun. Farmer's life isn't so easy and that we must acknowledge their greatest contribution in our society. These people deserved to be called the backbone of our society and the food raisers who deserved for great respect with honor and dignity.

When I began to think about the farmer's life, I used to consider how much effort and rendered services they spent to raise crops for the harvest season. I simply regard also the time allocation spent for waiting before crops are harvested. In fact, there's a feeling of uncertainty especially when sometimes crops were affected due to several seasonal conditions or any unexpected circumstances in such time when pests attack their crops.

The truth of the fact about farmer's life is the uncertainty of his crops which were invested with so much time, money and effort. In the time of harvest, crops duration is so short and that it needs to be disposed right away and be sold it to the market. What if those crops shall not be sold? What if it comes to the limit of its duration? The farmer himself is forced to sell it in low cost. His investment sometimes is more than his gains. Who will pay his labor? Who will cover the price of his labor in the long period of time during the waiting period for his crops?

Uncertainty, possibility of gain shortage or deficit, and hard labor investment; these are things causing how life is difficult for a farmer. My empathy to the farmers is something which I desired. I need to emphasize their suffering in this blog to at least remind ourselves how important it is to recognize the precious occupation they spent each day just to provide food for our table.

Perhaps you might less consider the effort of farmers in other countries which had used advanced technology in farming. You seem not feel their hard labor. However, you might somehow consider in some other third world countries by which many farmers still used the manual type of farming using animals for farming. These farmers had exposed themselves under the heat of the sun in plowing their fields.

In the society which give less regard to our farmers, it's true sometimes that many people in different labor sectors had the impression of too much discrimination, less support, and attention to our land tillers. How will you realize when all farmers shift their profession and occupational craft to other else? This idea is impossible however, to illicit your reasons in the importance of their career, let's consider the fact when all of us crave for food when there's nothing to eat or anything we could put on our fridge even if you had lots of money in the bank.

Food growers are the best assets in our community. They were those people whom we must also respect and dignified. Let's all give our hearts to farmers who devout lives to many people in our society. They were those who provide strength to other human resources so they run through in their respective skills in the most efficient way.

Every sweat drop of our farmers cost so much energy for people to survive. They used their strength to labor at times in order to provide strength to other laborers who also used their talents and skills for the society's productivity.



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