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A Face in a Hiding Place

Updated on June 11, 2012

From city to city, the peoples faces influence me. I look up to the skies and at the buildings that can reach them, and then down at the people that are hidden beneath them. It all makes me wonder...

Something to despise
Another to deny
Blood flows upstream
To meet its boiling point

Naked faces
Drawing luck
Never leaving the sidewalk
Rushing towards the evening
Beaten by the sunrise

Unfamiliar Faces
Laying along the road
none of them take witness
Doing as their told
Some wont settle
Others grow mold
As fools they take their gold
And hide it in their shadows

Buildings are constructed
Towering over the faces
Many grow weak,
The sun never touches their feet
And so you hear them sigh
As they begin to question why
Everything that lives must die
Creating security
Forging religion
Misunderstanding their unspoken vision

Towers collapse
They all relapse
Integrity brings them no dignity
Their faces melt into pools
The earth drools with excitement
As they flow down the sewers

Whoever prized them possessed them
Blink your eyes and catch the trace
The creator of the face knows its hiding place

The Unforgiving City of Sin
The Unforgiving City of Sin | Source


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