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A Fallen Survives

Updated on November 20, 2011

The course fall wind blows so hard

Trying to play its last desperate card

The trees are mostly bare from top to ground

Where all the leaves but a few are found

One lonesome leaf upon the tree hangs

Waiting for the end of its time before the ground it bangs

The sky opens and rain begins to pour

Finally the leaf cries out never more!

Letting loose from the top of the oak

Falling as water it begins to soak

The leaf flutters and falls but is caught by a gust of wind

It trembles and shakes knowing its the end

The wind carries it across the road and down the hill

Shivering the leaf knows this is how the end must feel

Gently the wind retracts its cold grasp

And the leaf inwardly starts to ask

Gently falling Genlty slowing

To the ground, its home is calling.


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