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A False Paradise

Updated on September 27, 2016

In a world where one is the center of everything, it is hard to understand that the Earth we share holds extraordinary gifts. Beings are creations of something bigger than all of us. However, due to the complexity of some minds verses others, that concept gets twisted causing some to look at themselves as the creator rather than the creation.

All beings on this earth are created with the gifts of natural rights. Water and food are given for the curious mind to encounter along its journey. We, the animals, live a life of true paradise. Love is unconditional, as it would be a mother to her child. Compassion is rooted from the soul; it is raw and heart felt. We are victims of a non-complex mind. And although this victimization seems like a curse to worlds beyond ours, it allows condition to be extinct from our feelings. Outside conflicts are not phased due to our constant focus on survival and repopulation. We feel for others, the environment, and for ourselves. We are conscience and connected to one another by the “laws” of nature. The “laws” of nature create ecosystems that are aware of one another, and interfere only for survival. Beings explore one another out of curiosity of the species. Spite does not exist in a world of explorations.

Humans will never be compatible with animals. How could they be when they cage the wild for their own enjoyment? Humans live in a world they seem to forget is a gift to them. They have taken the natural resources provided to them and stripped them of their true value, therefore creating their own. The value placed upon material was raised above the value of beings and their natural needs. Humans have this vision of a world where one man may be more superior than the man next to him based only upon the amount of money in his pocket. This is an entirely made up theory. The worth capacity of all beings is exactly the same. The mind of a human drowns in its own complexion. It allows for negative energies to constantly flow throughout the body creating a hostile environment. Although the complexity has created industrial breakthroughs in our world, it has destroyed many outlooks on unconditional love. Many believe that love is mistaken with materials, but that is not the case. Materials cause there to be condition in the love that is shared amongst societies. Where unconditional love once stood between friends and family, the condition of what one has to offer now stands.

Not to say that humans are not an extraordinary species, they just do not have the raw appreciativeness of the life they are given. Taking what was once all beings natural right, humans threw a price tag on things, and created their own kind of “paradise”.


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