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A Father-A Poem

Updated on June 14, 2014

A Father

What does it take to be a dad?

Is it simply a paycheck and keeping mom glad?

I think it is much more than this simple thing.

I think it means more than you could possibly think.

To the boys he’s a hero like Superman.

To the girls he’s the knight or the prince to win her hand.

He’s there to teach his son how to be a man

To hug and to bring smart discipline.

To the little girl who runs to his side

And whose face lights up when she hears his stride.

He is so much more than I think he knows

He is the man she will look for as she grows.

If he is cruel or absent or mean

She will find a similar young man on which to lean.

But if she is lucky and has a dad who is kind

She will seek a man who treasures her heart and mind.

The example the dad sets for his son

Is the man he will probably one day become.

If he puts work first and has no time

For that little boy with the eyes that shine

That little boy will figure out what his priorities should be

And he will live his life the same accordingly.

But if that little boy sees a man who loves mom

A man that is humble and who he can depend upon

That little boy will hopefully grow up to be

The same kind of man that he sees.

If that dad has certain feelings about God on high

It’s amazing to see his children follow his heart’s cry.

For in the father’s hand they learn of their Father’s love

For Father is the name we call God above.

What kind of father do you want them to see?

What kind of man do you want him to be?

What kind of man do you want her to find?

What kind of man will hold her heart and mind?

What kind of God do you want them to know?

What will you miss if you don’t watch them grow?

Will you miss the sweet syrupy kiss,

Of a small little girl with rosebud lips?

Will you miss the admiration of a son’s dark eyes

When he finally comes home and realizes you were right?

Don’t you see what a difference you can make?

Don’t miss your chance for your own sake.

To be a good father is so much more than you think.

To be a good father will push you to the brink.

No other calling is greater on your time.

No job more important, no greater reward will you find.

Show them how to love your wife

Show them how to live their life.

Show them who to look for in a man.

Show them how to have strong and gentle hands.

And in showing them these important things.

You will set them free and you will give them wings.

You will show them that true love lets you go

When you have learned what you’ve needed to know.

And in doing this you will lead them to Him

To that small voice that they hear within.

He will call their name and He will say

“Do you know who I am as we talk today.”

Then your child will answer, “Yes I know who you are

Because I first saw you in my father’s heart.”


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    • joycampbell profile image

      Joy Campbell 3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thanks for that. I agree.

    • Jonathan Bingham profile image

      Jonathan Bingham 3 years ago from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      well said. Being a good father doesn't get enough credit these days.