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A father who lost everything

Updated on August 18, 2014

Father and Son relationship

Father and Son
Father and Son | Source

A very good Morning

Morning 7:00 AM

The giant iron gate has opened; giant and strong. Zahid came out, this is the outside of the giant gate; the inside, where Zahid was last five years; indeed this is the inside of the Dhaka central jail. He came out from the jail after five years. Very good morning, lovely weather, the early winter bridge is blowing- mostly comfortable and invigorating, Cristal clear sky- a bunch birds is flying over the sky, Zahid starts to walk- unmindful, he is walking through a foot path aside the main road; peoples around him, walking, seems very busy. After all, this is a very good morning to him, a good start of a day; the moment where he stands now, he is free, he has got back his freedom, free wishes, free move; after five years.


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Father and Son- Rod Stewart

Wooden texture door


The forbidden relations

Afternoon, 1:00 PM

Zahid is knocking the door, several times, then he stopped. No response from the inside first few minutes, he knocked once more, waiting. The door is moving and finally opened; a middle aged women standing inside the door, thundered, she is observing Zahid from his top to bottom. Seems, she is very much surprised; she say's- `you?'

Zahid answered, `I am Zahid, your younger brother'.

The women say's again, `Well, but how you have entered into the house? Didn't you see the gatekeeper in the down stair?

Zahid answered, `Yes, I saw him. But he is supposed to sleep'.

The women thundered once more and closed the door. Zahid just stands as he was, he is not thinking, just looking at the door. The door, rich textures, Bengali myth's showing glory's of an unknown Maharajah; perfect fit's as the house, but the full credit to the artist who textured his creations on the door and a little credit must go to the door owner, who choose and then brought it from the market. Zahid is not thinking about it, but he could, he got sometimes for himself, he could think and utilize his time, but he is not so curious about the door.

The door opened once more and his elder sister say's, `The gate keeper is not doing as he should, he is lazy guy. I bought him from our village, I guessed he would be a responsible person, but not at all. Now I understand, an unknown person is much better than of a known'.

Zahid has no answer, he is looking at his feet.

`Mom and Dad has died, did you hear the news?' His elder sister say's.

Zahid has no answer, nevertheless he is looking at his feet.

She say's, `They have died after suffering from depression and you are the cause.'

`You have my checkbook, would you please give me this?' Zahid say's.

His sister just left a deep breath and closed the door and sometimes after the door opened again, his sister hold a checkbook in her right hand. She say's, `When you have released from the jail?'

`At morning, today.' Zahid answered.

She say's, `My hubby does not like you, so could not tell you to get into the house. I am very sorry'.

Zahid has no answer. He takes the checkbook from his sister hand and start walking to the stair.

Sister say's, `Come one day, we will go to the symmetry to see Mom and Dad's grave'.

Zahid on stair.

Middle age depression


Stress everywhere

Afternoon, 3:30 PM

Zahid is walking through the main road. He looked over a small toy shop. He stopped for a while and then step ahead into the shop. He likes a medium size Chinese doll, smiley, very cute; he brought it and came out from the shop. Again, he is walking through the main road. After few minutes, he arrived his friend house. This is the house of his childhood friend. The main gate is open, no gate keeper, he is going up through the stair. He stopped in a floor and pressed the switch button of the electronic bell. His friend `Anis' opened the door, he looks gloomy and indifferent. He say's, `who are you?'

`I am zahid, your childhood friend. Strange! you can not recognize me.' Zahid answered.

Anis observing Zahid from his top to bottom. `What a look you got!' He say's.

Zahid entered into the house and they sat at drawing room.

`Call your daughter'. Zahid say's.

Anis start crying. `I have almost finished'. He say's.

`What happened?' Zahid thundered.

Anis crying and say's, `My wife left me. My daughter now with her, I did not see her long time- no way.'

Anis stand up, left and come back with a bottle along with a glass. He sat and filled the glass and drinking so fast. `Did you think, it is water? No. I am drinking alcohol.'

Zahid has no answer, he just looking at Anis.

`The alcohol gives me energy, I live.' Anis say's.

The bottle almost finished very fast. `My wife has engaged with her ex-boyfriend. She has sent divorce letter.' Anis took a big sip and start talking again. `Whatever, I can not live without seeing my daughter.' He filled the glass again and took a sip. Zahid stand up, the cute Chinese doll in his arm, smiley.

Inspirational- Try To Watch Without Crying 90% People Cry

Hotel booking


The Hotel

Late evening, 8:00 PM

Zahid is waiting for the reply from the hotel manager. It seems, the manager is engaged. After couple of minutes Zahid say's, `I need a room for the night. A single ordinary room, no need attached bathroom.'

The manager is very much concern about Zahid and his appearance. Indeed, he is not looking like as a gentlemen. The perfect example should be about him, he is looking like something that not usual that the society expect. His appearance could not satisfy the manager. He say's, `Where are you coming from?'

`Central Jail, I had five years imprisonment.' Zahid answered.

The manager say's, `So, you are a criminal?'

`A former President of Bangladesh had ten years imprisonment for his corruption. Now, he has elected as a per-lament member (law maker) by the people and most probably he will be President again. So, who we were not important. The most important for me to get a warm place for the night and the important for you to get a border for your empty rooms.' Zahid answered.

It seems that the manager did not like Zahid from the very commencement, now he is boring. He say's, `We do not have a room for a criminal. We must have to report police station.' Manager loughs and say's again, `You better find your place at Agargaon slam. I am very much pleased to suggest you that.'

Zahid understand that the manager teasing him. He say's, `Well, I am very much grateful to you. Would you please give me your hand?'

The manager afraid or not understand. `What you will do with my hand?'.

Zahid loughs a bit. `I will just hand sake and will return your hand.'

The manager is looking at Zahid, confused, he turns his hands under the table.

Zahid loughs.



The Policemen

Late night, 3:00 AM

Night raising, cold, foggy; silence around, the sodium lights lost his power- dark around, the street is free from the day mishaps, even dogs are not barking. The moment, Zahid sat on the main road aside. A police van moving slowly and stopped where Zahid sat on. He did not follow the Police van. One Police men step down from the van, say's to him, `Hey, what are you doing here?'

`Nothing'. Zahid answered.

The Police men laughs and says, `Do you have cucumber?'

Zahid did not understand, he is looking at the Police men.

`Hey, do you have cucumber?' The Police men say's again.


`You are a broker, right?'

`No, I was a criminal. I had five years imprisonment.'

The Police is very much disappointed and not satisfied, as he was barely looking the said cucumber and did not get. `You are talking strange. Lets go to the Police station.' He say's.

Zahid has inspired very much and he stand up, say's, `Officer, thanks, many thanks. The Police station is much better than staying outside such a cold night. Sir, did you hear the weather news, how about the temperature?'

The police men thundered after his answer, it is unexpected to him. Who is willing to go Police station!? `You do not have to Police station, rather than you stay here.' he say's to him and start walking to the Police van.

`Sir, would you please tell me that what is cucumber? Is it the kind of a vegetable, we know?

The Police men did not answer him. The Police van moving, slowly.

Night queen


The night queen

Early morning, 5:00 AM

It is dawn, another day begins, but there is no sign of the sun rise; foggy around and still very cold. Zahid was sleeping the same place where he sat on last night. He has sufficient cloths to cover his body, protect from the icy wind. He was unprotected yesterday night and got flu. He is roaring like a wounded animal, his body with full of pain. That time, a young lady passing him and stopped and sat aside him. `You stupid, did not find a place'. She say's.

No answer from Zahid, still he is roaring.

`Who are you?' The lady say's.

`I am a father of a son'. Zahid answered.

The lady looking at Zahid face and she got her points, she feels him.

`Who are you?' Zahid say's.

She laughs and answered, `I am the night queen.'

`What is the night queen? A kind of flower?'

She loughs and say's, `I can help you. Will you go with me?'


`Where I live, there is our world.'

`Why, you will help me?'

`Cause, I am a stupid like you and there are many stupids like us.'

Zahid is looking at her face. The face likes the Chinese doll and the doll still in his arm, he gives her warm.



The revenge

After 6 months.

A postmen comes to deliver a parcel to a house. He is knocking the door. After sometimes, a smart women opens the door and she looks at the postmen to hear further. `You have something.' The postmen say's.

`What?' The lady say's to him.

The postmen bring out a `Pistol' from his side bag. The lady scared and suppose to screaming. `Go inside.' The postmen say's.

Both they are now inside of the house. The lady very much afraid, Zahid looks at her reactions. `I am Zahid. Can you recognize me?' He say's to her.

The lady sat on a chair, she is just losing her control. She left a deep breath. Zahid is looking around and stopped at the wall, there is a poster size photo in a frame, where he recognize the lady (her ex-wife), his son and a man.

`You took my wealth, I did not lost everything; You gave me suffer by a false case and law was with you, I have lost five years from my life, but I did not lost everything; You took my son and I have lost everything.' Zahid say's.

The lady now too much afraid. She say's, `Will you take revenge?'

`I wish.'

`Then, who will take care of the boy?'

`I will. I am his father.'

`No, you are not in the position to take care of him. You got a bad name. Do you want the impact on the boy? Our society will not accept.'

`We do not have society. It is just a word, we use it when needed.'

The lady is thinking, she is anxious.

Zahid raised his voice. `I will take care of my son, I am the father, I will give him my best.'

`What you have?' The lady say's.

`I have, I have....' Zahid is thinking.

The lady got her point, she understand it worked, so she laughs a bit; Zahid did not follow her, he is thinking, he is finding the answer- what he has.

Now the lady say's with confident. `You should go now. The boy will come anytime from School. Do not you want to make him afraid, right?'

`My boy will afraid to see me!?'

`Yes, he will. You're just a stranger to him.'

Zahid has been waiting for last five years for the day of today; He was very keen to take revenge; He has lost his son, now he has lost the point where he was standing on last five years; it seems he really lost everything.

Zahid starts walking to the door, he must go out from the house as fast as possible; he is running and his story of losing everything following behind.

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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      You are certainly welcome. You are an amazing writer. Just keep up your writing and touching people with your talent.

      Your friend,


    • Dania Razzak profile imageAUTHOR

      Foyjur Razzak 

      4 years ago from Dhaka

      Dear Mr. Kenneth,

      Thanks so much. You are always inspiring.



    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Kenneth Avery

      Dearest Dania,

      You are most welcome. Because you deserve it. You are an interesting person and writer. You have a lot of talent. I urge you to write novels one day. I will buy one, and I am proud that you are doing scripts for television, drama and Telefilm.

      Keep in touch with me.


    • Dania Razzak profile imageAUTHOR

      Foyjur Razzak 

      4 years ago from Dhaka

      Hi Kenneth,

      Your comment here much more interesting than the story. Many thanks, you've inspired me. Yes, I wish to write novels in the near future. Now, I am writing scripts for Television drama and Telefim.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      I really enjoyed this hub. You have a real talent for writing. I voted Up and all of the things to push because you really deserved it.

      Are you going to write any novels in the future? I hope so, because your wrting skills can and will touch so many lives.

      I am going to leave you some fan mail and then become one of your followers.

      I would consider it a great honor if you would check out one or two of my hubs and be one of my followers.



    • FR Tuhin profile image

      FR Tuhin 

      4 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Must read, this short story revealed the position of a society in Bangladesh.


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