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A Fascination for Fiction

Updated on March 12, 2011

UFO'S Excite the Mind

The Lochness Monster

The Patterson-bigfoot

Imagination and Curiosity

Today for me science has gone way out there. It has become too weird for me. Maybe that is because a lot of what I grew up with has infact come true. Men have landed on the moon, the world has gone digitial for the most part, I play my radio listening to programs being bounced from a satellite in outter space, and medicine is awsome. There are so many things that fascinate us and make us curious even still today. Is there a bigfoot? Are there really UFO:s with alien beings from other galaxies? Is magic real? Well let us take a look at this. Before I continue, however, I must say one of the most interesting persons I ever knew of was Art Bell. He seemed to have a very big fascination with the strange and bizarre. Another person was Rod Serling. These people along with many horror and science fiction films reality stirred our imagination during the 50's and 60's. There has been many films written about aliens and people who may have traveled from other worlds thousands of years ago. I highly doubt this because I don't believe that anyone could travel to earth from many millions of miles in outter space simply because no one could survive the light years that it would take to get here. Even if ships could travel at worp speeds I doubt any living thing could handle that kind of stress. Even if suspended animation were possible which would involve some sort of enduced state to preserve a person, it is highly doubtful that the survival rate would be high, if at all. As for BigFoot and the Lochness monster, they would have to be very suphiscated to avoid detection with today's modern tracking and maping. I have to conclude that while prints of what may have appeared to be Bigfoot's foot print may have been seen, it could have been the print of a huge bear or elephant or large gorilla or even fake. Still we want to believe what we choose to believe. I have never seen a clear picture of a lochness monster but what I see appeared to be some sort of sea serpent. This could also be taken with the use of a camera, film and a dark room and using relfections or casting shadows. We tend to manipulate things to encourage others to want to believe what we choose to want to believe. The human mind has the amazing ability to create many things that bring forth illusion. Magic is very exciting and has always been interesting to me it takes skill and talent to perform. Tricking the mind and eyes requires many years of study and perfecting. Harry Houdini who"s real name was Erik welsz was perhaps one of the greatest magicians there ever was. He was more of an escape artist than a magician. David Copperfield is also a great performer of magic. I would have to say that magic does exist in the way that each of these magicians performed because it accomplished what it set out to do and that was trick you. However if you think you can really pull a rabbit out of an empty hat and make doves appear from no where, or pull an egg out of your ear, then you're crazy. I would not suggest you would saw your mother-in-law in half. (Just a little bit of humour there) As for UFO"s unidentified flying objects, yes they do exist. Why because more than likely they are experimental projects, strange looking aircrafts that haven't been seen, such as when the stealth bomber was created or a a long ez experimental aircraft, or reflections or a combination of weather, time of day which involves where a particular cloud is or how the sun or moon is angled and the state of mind the person was in who saw it. Perhaps we will meet up with Rod Serling, Art Bell, and Harry Houdina, one day or maybe David Copperfield will make them all appear. (LOL) Its ok to play with your imagination as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. So to all you diehard Star Trek fans, fans of Rod Serling and Art Bell and Houdina I say to you let the conventions continue, and the show should go on. After all in today's world, we all surely could use a break. Pehaps maybe one day someone will perform the greatest mirricle of all and bring peace to the world.


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