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A Feather's Tale - A Narrative Poem By Cyrustale, Part 1

Updated on July 23, 2016
Night at the woods
Night at the woods | Source

Prologue: “The Prince and the Feather”

'Twas a silent night, I roamed the woods
With a downcast heart for love was lost
The sickening coldness proved not good
For deep's the pain, who knows the cost?

Howling wolves
Howling wolves | Source

The howling wolves I minded not
An intense desire, strengthen me up
That firm I’ll stand to go for love
Rescue my princess from villain’s trap

So I kneel down amidst the darkness
Whistling gently, calling the wind
At last I hear flopping in the mist
Coming nearer, the sound of a friend

galloping in the forest
galloping in the forest | Source

I turned around, noticed a feather
Falling gently, as a glimpse I take
Hopefully neighed, a creature of light
A winged horse, the silence break

Seconds did last, nay still, my soul froze
kneeling here still, beauty I behold
Caught in the light, my spirit rose
Ready to go, the skies unfold

Windy, Foggy Dawn
Windy, Foggy Dawn | Source

These moments have past from dusk ‘til dawn
Hearts now beating, rhythms of serene
We stirred the wind as darkness withdrawn
Drifting from land, our journey begins

Past deep valleys and vast wilderness
Together we soar, the morning sky
Battling against the swift dawn breeze
Leavin' all behind, I mounted to pry

-- End --

Author's Notes:

This poem is the first part of my poem masterpiece, "A Feather's Tale." It illustrates the moment when the main character awaits a friend to rescue a maiden from captivity.

More parts to be updated.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

— The Little Prince


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