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A Feather's Tale - A Narrative Poem By Cyrustale, Part 2

Updated on July 24, 2016
Approaching the castle
Approaching the castle | Source
Army guarding the castle
Army guarding the castle | Source

Prologue II: “The Promise of Reminiscence”

Fumes are rising, as war cries were heard
Glancing on the map, I felt afraid
but I must go as I had wandered
‘Coz I did promised, to come to her aid

So bravely we approached, Freiska’s city
Who scorned my nation, beseiged my country
The atmosphere changed as now I see
A great army, waiting against me

Slender, straight and swift as I can tell
Flying arrows, enhanced by magic
We tried to evade, but can’t foretell
Sadly we missed those mighty flicks

I closed my eyes as wounds penetrate
Poisoned are arrows, my eyes ablazed
My friend in response, pain’s to abate
The wind grew strong, our spirits now fazed

Changed into an winged knight
Changed into an winged knight | Source

I opened my eyes, and wondered then
Oh where art thou, My winged friend?
As I have noticed, my growing wings
I’m here with thee,” A voice commend

The phrase had struck my numbing spirit
As I struggle, to pause and recall
The promise I made, mem’ries I kept
When I strived to be, strong and adept

My wings now glowing, covered me still
My armours changed, as of a transcience
This hope that shimmers, I’ll now fulfill
This one promise of reminiscence

-- End --

Author's Notes:

This is the second part of the series, "A Feather's Tale." It illustrates the moment when the knight faces the enemy army in order to rescue the princess but as he is wounded by the arrows, a friend comes to an unexpected resolution.

More part to be updated soon.

Love cannot be hidden, it is shown. It's not just word, it's action.

— Cyrustale

© 2016 Ricky Fernandez Dela Cruz


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