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Some Noteworthy Poems

Updated on February 9, 2013

Below are just a few poems that I came across that I liked. I had to link to the poems because I did not want to violate the author's copyright by copying it here without their permission.

The Cookie Thief

Let's start with a light humorous one -- and one that rhymes too. There is a surprise ending that provides an insight. But I don't want to give away the punchline. So you will have to read it on your own linked here on The poem is called "The Cookie Thief" by Valerie Cox.

Do Not Stand By My Grave and Weep

This next poem is a serious and more somber one called "Do Not Stand By My Grave and Weep" -- the origins of which appears to have been by Mary Frye in 1932. But it was quite a while ago, and variations of the poem has shown up. Linked here is article showing various variations of the poem. This poem also rhymes.

The homeless man

The next poem is a haiku about "the homeless man" which you can read in the link where I also explain what a haiku is. Haiku does not need a title and is derived from the first line of the poem if needed. Afterall, a haiku is only three lines. And in those three short lines, it describes a complete scene that expresses dignity. That is the spirit of a haiku.

The haiku is by Penny Harter.


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