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A Few Words Part2. A short Story

Updated on November 16, 2013

Everyone Stood In Silence

For a few moments everyone including Jack just stood in complete silence and looked at Borf as if they were waiting for a transformation of sorts. Or maybe everyone thought Borf was going to go into some sort of twisted rage or something. But none of this happened.

What did happen was the complete opposite. Borf just sat in the corner and didn't speak and just as Jack came out of his trance and started to make his way to the booth that Borf was sitting in he heard a voice from behind him.

"Jack." The voice said in a familiar tone.

Jack knew instantly it was Sheriff Tooser. His voice wasn't something you forgot, besides he was in the five and dime like most folks at least three times a week. He loved to sit at the counter and drink chocolate sodas and read the newspaper.

"Holy crap Jack what the heck is going on here?" "Why is Jerry sprawled out cold on your floor?" Jack asked behind the long draw mustache and now removing his sun glasses that nestled behind his large brimmed Stetson.

At the very moment Jack was going to answer Marha quickly walked from the the side store room, broom in hand. She was making way over to where Jerry was out cols and now was starting to come to.

Marha was too a thin shaped women and moved quickly through the store. She was no sooner from the store room she reached Jerry. Speaking in a calm yet slightly nervous tone. "Sheriff Tosser, listen this is all just a misunderstanding, Jerry is fine."

Marha took a hankie from her apron pocket and was wiping Jerry's Face, Jerry was half in and out of it now.

Sheriff Tooser raising his arms and making a fanning motion in front of him made a general statement to those still milling about. "Alright folks, lets just break it up here." "Go about your business and I will handle all this."

Marha now looked up at Sheriff Tooser with her brown eye's and matching long hair and spoke in a more relaxed manner now. "Sheriff Tom" “We can take care of this no one needs to go to jail here."

"Well Marha if I don't know what the heck is going on, all I see is Jerry out cold on your floor all bloody." "Someone has to start talking." Sheriff Tooser sounded annoyed now.

Jerry was now pretty well fully awake and was pulling himself up from the array of greeting cards one stuck to his elbow and he picked it off quickly and flicked it to the floor. He looked more embarrassed than anything and Marha quickly hurried Jerry over to the counter speaking to the sheriff.

"Well you see I didn't see the entire thing but look at Jerry he's fine, isn't that right Jerry?"

Quickly Jack intervened

"Listen Tom, Jerry and Borf had a misunderstanding and it's over now so..."

Tom stopped Jack in mid sentence and looked Jack right in the eye.

"Someone needs to talk Jack I wont feel right just leaving here with this sorta mess going on." "A call was made into the station and I have to answer for it."

Jack looked down and sorta peered from the corner of his eye's at Borf.

"Okay Tom, Jerry sorta hit Borf and Borf..well....hit him back." "That's the long and short of it."

Tom looked at Jack in disbelievement.

"You mean to tell me Borf knocked Jerry out cold?"

"Yes Sir, that is what happened." Jack brushed the top of his head with his hand.

"Where is Borf?" Tom Said

Jack pointed to where Borf was sitting in the corner of the Five and dime.

Sheriff Tooser sat across from Borf.

The Sheriff walked to the back of the five and dime and sat down directly across from Borf. Everyone that was left in the old shop was sorta indirectly looking at Borf and the Sheriff. Marha was talking with Jerry quietly at the soda counter and Jerry had looked as if he was just mowed over by a tractor.

As Sheriff Tooser spoke with Borf in the red vinyl booth Jack quickly ushered the remainder of the patrons out the front door.

Mrs. Pecikleworth was very upset and Jerry offered her a free bottle of laundry detergent and re-assured her he would re-open bright and early in the morning.

"But Jerry." She said while puckering her nose in a very bothered expression. I don't need laundry detergent." "I came in here for sugar and evaporated milk!"

"I understand Mrs. Pecikleworth it will just have to wait until tomorrow." Jerry said while holding the glass front door open and gesturing for her to leave with a few waves of his hand.

Mrs. Pecikleworth stamped down the old walk way that showed it's age by the faded old brick work, looking back at Jack with a disgusted look on here face.

Jack quickly closed the the front door behind Mrs. Pecikleworth while the chimes of the vintage door rung through the now empty store. Jack smartly flipped the sun faded open sign to closed and made his way over to the counter where Marha was talking with Jerry.

Jack now behind the soda counter placed a bottle of water on the counter and twisted off the plastic cap.

"Jerry if your okay, maybe you should go in the men's room and clean your self up." Jerry pointed in the direction of the men's room.

"Yeah, sure." Jerry started to swivel in his seat and stopped half way and turned back around looking at Jack and Marha. "Ya think I should...well go back there and..."

"Jerry, just go and clean yourself up." Jack didn't let Jerry finish what he was going to say. He didn't even care one bit what he was thinking at the moment.

Jack and Marha watched as Jerry walked head down to the men's room, Sheriff Tooser was just getting up from the booth as Jerry entered the mens room.

The Sheriff walked to the Soda counter with his usual stern look, adjusting his brown tooled leather gun belt, sorta feeling around to see where his handcuffs were.

The last time this sheriff had to arrest someone was about three month's ago at the local starlight bowling alley. A stranger from William Grovetown had one to many beers and decided to use the tip bowl for a urinal. Needless to say the stranger got to spend some time in the local jail.

"Jack, Marha, did Jerry just head into the men's room?"

"Yeah." Jack said "Your going to arrest him aren't you."

Sheriff Tooser now had his hand cuffs in hand. "I'm afraid I have no choice in the matter." "I should be calling social services as well, but I think you good folks can give the boy a hand in this matter." "Sorta keep an eye on em, give em some food."

Both Jack and Marha said "YES." about the same time and Jack added. "We would be more than happy to have him." "We can fix a place for him to spend the night."

At the very instant Jack spoke Marha had a burger and fries sizzling on. "I'm sure the boy can eat, he has to like burgers, what growing boy doesn't like burgers." Marha now flipped the burger as she spoke.

"Jerry will more than likely be out by morning sooner maybe if he can make bail." Said the Sheriff.

"Even if I don't like it."

To Be Continued.....


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    • mlesniewski profile image

      mlesniewski 4 years ago from Upstate NY

      Thank you.

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Interesting. Waiting to see what happens.

    • AUPADHYAY profile image


      Great, I would like to see more from you. Thanks for sharing it mlesniewski.