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"A Fragrance Like No Other"

Updated on December 1, 2011
My rose "Just Joey"
My rose "Just Joey"

Just Joey my beautiful rose you’re so pleasant to the eye.

Your glistening apricot petals shine from the dew of the night

In comparison to other roses standing there with you as well.

No one could deny you have a fragrance that’s all your own

As I picked you out of a selection of beautiful roses there

your fragrance wafted up to me which was very hard to ignore.

As I looked to my surprise I saw you standing there tall with pride

I'd discovered you "Just Joey" now no longer can you hide.

Planted in my garden your perfume lifts up to the sky

though beauty and your charm also cannot be denied..

Growing up you were the envy of other roses in my street

your exquisite intoxicating scent was something none could beat.

Bloom after bloom grows with a unique perfume hidden inside

as new little buds start to blossom into petals of apricot hues..

None can deny your fragrance is like no other that's true

outshining the other roses your perfume is why you're you..


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    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Thank you for this Scenterelle. Beautybabe.

    • profile image

      Scenterelle 5 years ago

      This is just lovely! :)

    • profile image

      V Qisya 6 years ago

      Simply beautiful! You're a great poet, Pam. Take care.

      Best Wishes, Verita

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Hi Chad,

      I am so pleased that you received so much pleasure from my poem. I love flowers but especially I love my roses. When I wrote my first poem about my beautiful "Just Joey"

      I received some lovely comments as well. In fact, I was told my poem was reflective of a seventeenth century Poet called Faust. I had not heard of the name before but I was over the moon as this was my first ever poem.

      When I told people this as I replied to their comments, most said they could not believe this was the very first poem that I had ever written. I could not have received a more amazing complement. I have just written my 122nd poem on an another website which is just for poetry.

      I enter contests there, and so far I have done quite well. I have met a lot of people and learned so much from this site. Good luck Chad and thanks once more.

      God Bless You

      from Beautybabe (Pam)

    • Chad A Taylor profile image

      Chad Taylor 6 years ago from Somewhere in Seattle...

      Your poem was a poetic microscope that brought me intensely into this experience... It's a achievement when one can fully appreciated God's creation and even more to write about it! Well done.

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Thank you very much. Beautbaby

    • jfay2011 profile image

      jfay2011 6 years ago

      Lovely poem