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A Free Verse Poem - Recovery

Updated on April 8, 2017


Always saw you in the fading yellow glow of a neon orange sunset;

at the end of long day.

Did not realize I would never see you in the unfiltered white light of sunrise.

I missed the beginning and it was over before I was aware I held it.

Love begins to burn when not allowed to flow.

Did not realize what would have truly been.

Thrown off guard and put into a wordless awe as

the universe revealed it's self to me.

Minutes tick by endlessly and I don't know how to

fill in the spaces in my brain.

Obsession, I fear is not far behind.

It scratches at the backdoor of my heart,

and my soul tries to hid.

Ten years pass in instant; a heartbeat of time.

Even when everyday feels like another lost in darkness.

The light will shine through to you.

Pain tried to steal my will, and poisoned my soul.

But, I refused to be put down.

My candle burns bright.

My mind had cleared and I can see the blazing sun again.

The questions are answered, the very moment I started to

wonder if anyone really heard me.

Reimaged Soul

I've been absent when I needed myself the most.

Never gave myself the benefit of a doubt.

Exposed and vulnerable to the seduction of my self built prison.

I had to vanquish the monstrous feelings of self-destruction.

To reveal all the amazing amounts of joy and beauty in this world.

Fought a loosing battle before I realized I wasn't being attacked.

Too easy to dwell on things not wanted.

Couldn't know my path was clear without some thought.

Needed only a moments grace to rearrange my view.

Stopped with the excuses and projections and Reimagined My Soul


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