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A Friend and a Tree

Updated on December 22, 2015

Suicide by Hanging

Cursed is the one who hangs from a tree,

Because you're haunted each time you relive their memory.

Did you find peace while you gathered supplies?

Or were you horribly tormented by your sobbing and cries?

Was the severe sudden agony too much to bear?

Did you instantly regret the decision while hanging there?

Your young children must have been fresh on your mind,

And the destruction that you'd inevitably place in their lives.

I wish so much that I could have spoken to you,

And that you'd confided of the pain you were going through.

I have dreams that plague me deep into the night,

Nightmares really, that resuscitate the ugly truth back to life.

We can merely speculate about the answers to why,

Being left to accept an unwanted goodbye.

Cursed is the one who hangs from a tree,

Because they've now tarnished every shared beautiful memory.

© 2015 Brianna


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