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A Frightening Night

Updated on June 6, 2016

That little girl's eyes were filled with terror and was looking for someone to save her life. It was indeed a very frightening condition when people were fighting hard in the name of religion, and her innocent eyes were ignorant of the intensity of the situation. It was a national emergency as the entire country was burning under the fire of hatred and animosity.

She was praying to manage some food for herself. The poor girl was hungry and was crying hard. Nobody was there to listen to her cries, and she was hiding from people because the scene of her parents being killed in front of her eyes was still fresh.

She had never seen an act such brutal before, and life was never so pathetic as it was for her that day. She was crying with a meek voice, and her eyes were trying to locate someone whom she trusted. Life was never so hard before. The terror of death was something she got to understand at such a young age.

She wanted to live. She wanted to grow up as a beautiful girl. She wanted to have a future. A future that was pleasant enough to forget the horrifying memories of the past. She wanted to have a family. She wanted her parents back. But the situation was negative. She could not see any future. She was confident that she will get under the clutches of the wrong people who will never shower mercy on her. Who will kill her for sure?

It was a curse on humankind. Nobody had a heart that could feel her pain. A place where a little girl was sobbing and was looking for help, but nobody came forward to help the poor soul. She was left at the mercy of the people who were harsh and appeared more of animals than ordinary citizens. Nobody understood the pain of a little heart. She was praying to God hard and kept her faith intact even when things were hard.

It is often said that when all the doors get closed, there is always a door of hope that God opens for the people who have complete faith in him. Little Rita knew that her savior will come to her rescue and will take her to a safer place where there will be plenty of food to eat and a better life.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

— Martin Luther King

She fainted there out of hunger, but when she opened her eyes, her eyes were twinkling with hope again. She was under a roof of a house. A strange looking man took her to his home. He had a heavy voice, but his facial features were something that was not very pleasant. His body and gestures were rather feminine. A blend of a man and a woman. Something there was unusual about him.

Yes, he was a eunuch. A eunuch saved the life of a poor girl. He appeared far better to her than all the men and women who preferred to leave her unattended under the open sky where things were so negative. It was a shame on those human beings who were so proud of their looks and built.

As it is often said, Love knows no religion. A eunuch became the savior of her life. It was a love of one human being for the another. The principles of this love were based on humanity and not religion or sex of a person.

As Martin Luther King quoted,
Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Indeed, there was the need for light, a light of love that could have proved to be a ray of hope for the helpless.

She never met a eunuch before; she never saw a God before, but now she got the answer for her question about how God looked. Her little eyes twinkled, and she was feeling safe and secure in the arms of that strange looking creature.

All the people needed to learn a lesson from a man who appeared so different than ordinary human beings. She was happy, she was safe, she felt gifted to have someone in life whom she trusted.


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