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A Game of Society's Tug of War For the Masses

Updated on March 4, 2013
The Art of War Poster
The Art of War Poster
The Art of War Poster #2
The Art of War Poster #2
The Art of War Book Cover
The Art of War Book Cover

Pulling a rope that won't go anywhere

Full of Crisco and Pam Cooking Spray

For an added amount of slickness

Falling into the sand wishing to stay there

To avoid reading or seeing The Art of War

Used to be the picture of head-to-toe optimism

Willing to dance in the street if a song permitted it

Laughed at even the crudest jokes known to the world

Have evolved into an unexpected role model of sorts

A poster child that many adults pointed to as an example

Of how children should behave everyday

Made classmates seethe with jealousy over the comparison

Innocence betrayed after a shocking loss hit too close to home

Tried to remain hopeful that things would get better

When a college diploma was delivered after years of studying

Sacrificed going to campus parties and making new friends

Expected the ideal life to fall right on the doorstep

Next to a copy of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal

A fantasy that disappeared after the job offers vanished

Forced to embrace a new reality instead of an ideal one

Struggling with the added weight of disappointment and anger

Turning into two ton concrete block placed around me

Suffocating anyone who walked within their path

Ready to get a sledgehammer to grind them into dust

Except they're made from the most unbreakable concrete

Had to delay a life of independent luxury due to lack of funds

Waited for things to turn around financially and personally

Got hit hard in the face with a sudden stroke of lady luck

In the bizarre form of a long lustrous horse's tail

Flew out of a flannel sheet insulated nest of paradise

Only to land in a bed of dagger size thorns of pain

Stuck with a large bill close to $1100 a month

Sinuses have been on a dust filled rollercoaster

Where body built up a disgusting tolerance to antibiotics

Meant to choke the strongest of horses and bulls

Desperate to get off this devilish merry-go-round

No matter what happens to everything and everyone

Just need to be free and clear from the anxiety of reality

Won't happen anytime soon sadly

The nature of life's cruelest ironies.


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