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A Gamer's Responsibility

Updated on August 17, 2015

There's something deep
I have to give to you
This emotion to keep
With visions of blue

I have always dreamt
Of a girl like thine
Feelings I have meant
You brought me a sign

I am, forever, your player
In this game of love
No such as betrayer
Floating all above

There's always the one
As I hold your hand
Under the pixelated sun
In adventure to withstand


I'll give you my romance
I'll give you my love
I'm just a gamer in your adventure
And therefore I do advance
It's a gamer's responsibility
My favorite ability

I dream of such freedom
To a wonderful princess
With love and wisdom
Rise from the darkness

Nameless I remain
But it's my legacy
We play once again
Make it with thee

O princess,
Do you dream of clouds
And many wonderful things
We are created for such cause
I shall change this fate
To admire this loving bliss
And rewarding with a loving kiss

Player of the perfect game
And love is our childish romance
Going in the heart...


(Guitar Solo 1)

That I touched your hair
Smooth of your skin
Scent of the beauty
The feeling is all so real
I danced under the moonlight
With the princess of the land
I fought it all for just this girl
Changed my mind
And here I am
With an ending just to be with you

I give you my heart to this majesty
Together, this romance my responsibility
For you, my enchanting miss
I will share this... with a kiss

(Guitar Solo 2)

Can you see the twinkles in the skies?

(Instrumental Part)

I... just for the girl like you
I give you my truth
Forever my love shall be
A gamer for you eternally



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    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 2 years ago

      Nice work on this poem.