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A Germ Named Influenza - Poem

Updated on January 23, 2014
Tinsky profile image

Tina's passion for creative writing and fictional worlds began in her teens. 30 years later she is completing a Master of Arts (Writing).

CAT  Przemyslaw Zacharuk |
CAT Przemyslaw Zacharuk | | Source

A salivating germ was walking down

Wardell Street, one rainy winter day

When he came across a little house

The perfect hide-away.

As the front door was not open

Around the back he crept

To find a window left ajar

For the cat, so in he stepped.

The germ was not expected and

Since nobody was at home

He lay upon the sofa

And at the mouth did foam.

Around about 6pm a tall blonde lass

On the couch did slump.

She opened up her mouth and

Down her throat the germ did jump.

He looked around the new refuge,

Did a dance around the glands

He jumped and slipped around her throat

Until her tonsils did expand.

The germ took a dive into her chest

To make more destruction there, where

He chocked up all her breathing parts

But did not like this solitaire.

He climbed up into her wheezing chest

Into the sticky nostril hairs

Where he found some comfort in the warmth

'Twas a seven day affair!

The cheating germ did then move on

To a lanky dark haired ape.

He churned the stomach upside down

And the healthy glow was raped.

The germ was very cunning

Like the devil in disguise

He prodded his horns all around the ribs

Until they were bruised and brutalized.

And when the germ's torment was fulfilled

Once again did he move on;

To one more tenant and then, the cat

Where a good germ said, "Begone!"

Author's Note

Inspired by a sick winter household, a sneezing cat, Vicks, eucalyptus oil and many tissues.

© Tinsky

Penned in 1989. Revised 2010 for Hubpages.


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  • Christine P Ann profile image

    Christine P Ann 3 years ago from Australia

    Love this poem, wish I could write half as good you have such a great imagination and a way with words.

  • northweststarr profile image

    northweststarr 6 years ago from Washington State

    Cute, you should write a medical textbook in free verse.

  • bonny2010 profile image

    bonetta hartig 6 years ago from outback queensland

    great...what a great imagination you have..and such rythm...thank you

  • Docmo profile image

    Mohan Kumar 6 years ago from UK

    Good one! Loved the journey of the Germ around the innards!

  • Tinsky profile image

    Tina Dubinsky 7 years ago from Brisbane, Australia

    Thanks! Yes, we have the same here - we are keeping an eye on a runny nose (and a few odd looking spots) tonight.

  • mrfluffy profile image

    mrfluffy 7 years ago from Northamptonshire


    My Daughter Charlotte is known as patient zero, if she gets it we get it! So I know where you are coming from, Good Poem.