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Our Hearts Bleed

Updated on June 4, 2016

My heart bleeds

when your not there,

the touch of your soul

the knowing you care.

The warmth of your body

next to mine,

the moments together

like stills in time.

The fun we have being together as one

the moments shared which can never be undone.


You are the light at the end of each blessed day,

by being yourself

and not changing your way.

The special bond

from people like us,

the love we maintain without any fuss.

the knowing that we are as special as one,

with bounderies open

where time will begin.

And where all of our thoughts

we hold deep inside

need never not be feared

nor never need hide.

For deep down inside

we both know we care,

as our heart's bleed

when the other one's not there.


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    • sexpressions profile image

      sexpressions 6 years ago from Wherever my imagination sees fit

      Are you freshly in love? It sounds like it. If you are not, then you know how to hold on and portray a feeling. Nice write :). I love poetry, because no matter how many times you write about the same thing, it always reads like new. I love the picture as well, good choice. Thank you for sharing!