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Updated on June 3, 2016

How many tears in our lifetime must we shed?

For is it not true -

we shed tears of sadness, as well as happiness?

I shed a tear of pain when I am hurting,

yet a tear of joy appears when I have found comfort.

A distraught memory appears-

from within the abyss of my mind,

as tears of confusion may appear in my eyes.

I am not settled within,

as I clearly continue with what I believe

to be the trials of my disillusions.

With the tears of my inner self

falling upon unknown ground,

with not an ear to listen, nor a shoulder to offer support.

Is it the tears of my heart that cuts like a knife?

That throws me into a world of uncertainty.

I am promised everlasting love

yet am heavily burdened with tears asking for this love -

not knowing when it will happen.

The sun shines through my window

and I thank the Lord for allowing me to rejoice this day,

overwhelmed by my tears.

Yet my tears have a deeper side

as I sense my tears are of sadness.

As I look out of my window

and experience this day alone.

I see children playing

and I experience tears of extreme happiness,

as memories of my childhood come flooding back.

As I turn away my tears take over.

How I long to be that child again

and have tears of youthful innocence.

I cry out for someone to hold me,

to protect me from all around.

I cry a tear not visible to man -

for they are the tears of my soul.


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