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A Gifted Child

Updated on September 25, 2017

Once upon a time a boy was born in a noble family.He was not ordinary,he didn't cried out like other children but smiled very beautifully to his parents. It seems from the very first moment he got to understand things around himself.His parents were very happy to have such a wonderful boy but they were also worried about the differences they saw in him.He was very silent and later the mystery was revealed.he was gifted with high genius,he would feel and understand so many things that no other people have ever thought about.It was like the beauty that only he can touch or feel through his body and soul.he was a true child of Nature. he always thought to know everything on Earth,but the boy was unfortunate about one thing, his memory,He had no past,the only thing he could hold is "Present" and his dream of future.he was stuck in a timeline where "Past" always deceived him and "Future " never pays a single visit to him.He wakes up every morning seeing and understanding the mystery of big fiery ball named "Sun". The Nature would surprise him every day. But it was his source of joy,happiness and peace.The one thing about memory is it fades from time to time but without it you may not have a lot in mind but you may have those little enjoyments endlessly, eternally. And that's the way he was gifted.he was very happy cause of newness there is nothing "Old" in his consciousness But his parents thought it was a curse.they did not want to hurt him so they didn't tell him about the disease he had.As he was growing old,getting stronger in mind and body.He became more like a saint at the early age of six,always asking questions about beyond physical world.He wouldn't waste a single chance thinking about reason of existence. Sometime when he got his questions unanswered, he would sit beside of his bedroom window and saw the world through it.but he could never hold the knowledge from one day to another. He could only remember his parents and his only friend but never recalls the knowledge or experience of past day.but his friend thought it is a gift that only he can feel if we dont let him know.time passes by and later it became a question that how long they can allow him to live in a delusion.they thought the time has come to tell him the truth and break the illusion.,but the boy never understood what's happening around him,one day his parents revealed the truth,the broke down him fully because his only purpose was to find knowledge if he couldn't hold it for long how could he obtain it whole,but he didnt understood that knowledge is a realization not the information. Very abruptly he ran away to his Friend,because he was more of a partner,who always appreciated him, understood his thoughts. He was devastated when his friend saw him.he asked very sorrowfully and broken words "Why wouldnt you let me know of what i am? The friend replied "I want to see you as you are,there is nothing wrong with you" then he asked again "even knowing how much it will cost me" his friend told him then "I know you better than you my friend, that's why I didn't told you,you don't know what you have,you are perfect ,it's people who can't see you living differently and beautifully with eternal joy" but he again said "I will never be able to do those things which I dream,my dream is never ending,the door to access knowledge is permanently halted for me,how can i live like this?even I will forget everything happened today" the friend again consoled him saying "that is the best part,you will never feel the monotonousness of life,in which we live,but you are gifted to have the beauty with you forever" he tried best to console that oldboy but it was no help for him.he silently left his friend as there was nothing to say more.he felt so lost ,that made him unable see what he had and decided to close the door for his life too.he made the day his last day on Earth,he made sure there will be no morning for him,no light for him.


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