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A Girl by the Sea Review

Updated on January 12, 2016

♥This story revolves around two teenagers that are fighting depression and trauma while trying to find themselves. From the creator that brought you Oyasumi Pun Pun, A Girl by the Sea tells the tale of Kosuke Isobe and Koume Sato sexual relationship with no emotional leverage and the toll it takes on both of them emotionally as well as everyone around them.

The character development is intense, extremely fast paced and there is no deep and long back stories to the characters. However, it is extremely interesting, and will keep you at the edge of your seat or at the very least make you feel for the characters on a personal level. If you have read Asano’s previous work, Oyasumi Pun Pun, you will likely enjoy this one as a shorter faster paced version. A Girl by the Sea is exceedingly straight forward and the psychological difficulties of the characters are the pride of Asano’s work. Asano does a great job displaying the unstable psychological problems the characters face while trying to find happiness and purpose in their lives after certain events have caused them to become depressed. The story is meant to cover a life lesson of valuing yourself as well as overcoming hardships. Although, subjectively speaking, the characters can come off as whiny and immature at times, it is understandable when considering their age when everything takes place. Overall, I highly recommend this read if you are looking for a quick read and grant this work 8.5 out of 10. If you do end up reading this amazing work by Asano, I highly suggest playing the song Kaze wo Atsumete by Happy Ending while reading Chapter 18, because FEELS!

  • Fair Warning: this manga is highly explicit (and a bit kinky) for a tale about junior high kids. Nudity and profanity is part of Asano’s style so if you are under 18 or are not really too keen on that stuff, this manga is probably not for you

Spoiler Ending Review: WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS, the main complaint many people argue about this manga s the ending and the fact that Isobe “chose a complete stranger over a girl he claimed he loved”, although that is not necessarily true, Isobe was planning to turn himself in the police for beating up the guy who broke Kueno’s heart. He realized how unstable he was and has now grown to step up to the plate. It wouldn’t make any sense for him to accept Kueno’s love because he knew it would only hurt her more than it already is which explains why he was crying. He basically made up the story of going to high school with the girl in order to spare her anymore pain. This was my interpretation atleast, I suppose everyone is entitled to interpret the ending their own way.


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