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A Girlfriend's Spat by Debbie Lacy

Updated on August 14, 2010

I heard the things you said about me and that was not right

You’ve said you caught me creeping with Toya’s man one Saturday night,

So now Toya calls me up and chews me out

She caught me by surprise with this mess, she didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt,

Today I saw Sheryl in the mall and she turned her head and did not speak

I wanted to find out what was wrong because we always talk in the boutique,

Later Linda said you told her that I talk entirely too much

Why, because I like to talk to people and like keep in touch,

Now you on the other hand need to look deep within

Your flaws need to be corrected it’s a good place to begin,

We’ve been knowing each other for too long and I’d like to remain like that

As your friend I hope you take this advice wisely after all we’re just having a girlfriend’s spat.



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