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A Glance at Traditional Poetry and Poems of Form

Updated on January 14, 2019
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' Femi is a writer and graphic designer. He obtained his B.Sc. (Ed) in Computer Science from Tai Solarin University of Education, Nigeria.


Traditionalists believe that poems give life and longevity to what is transitional and special. It is through them that the poet expresses his vision, real or imaginary, in ways that are understandable and pleasant to others and that he is likely to stimulate similar emotions to his own. For aesthetic reasons, poetry is an organized language. Whatever it does, poetry must bear witness to it, and it must fulfil the saying: 'Let my heart not forget what my eyes have seen.' A poem is known by the feeling that dictates it and what it conveys, the economy and the resonance of its language and the creative power that combines, intensifies and improves experience.

Poems have a relationship with real life, but they are equally autonomous and independent forms which consist of why they are so and not otherwise. In contrast to the discourse of logical methods, poetry is fully intuited as a representation of thinking or feeling. Prose, on the other hand, is an abbreviation of reality: the intensification of poetry. Poems are known to have a transcendental quality, because words assume special importance through a sudden transformation. Traditional poetry is a syntax of human values, not of a kind.

Traditional poetry may be verse or prose, either. Verses have a metric element and the core of poetry is inner music. Poetry without real or imaginary music falls off and dies overtime. The poetry tone is a fiction not owned by the speaker or the audience. Although poetry is possible without artifice, the quality is poorer. The meaning of slowly changes with the use of time, but using the words of the layman in poems will defeat the purpose of the poet.

On the one hand, form poetry is a way to break away from conventional or traditional poetry. The focus is on the visual effects of words that substitute for the typical verse forms.

This type of poetry is inspired by surrealism and Dada to escape the limits of the conventional verse and to inspire a new range and fresh vitality into poetry by mixing images and words. The use of semiotics in poetry in form also gave more inspiration, this time poetry is not words but can be seen and read.

The word processors give additional impetus to concrete poetry, as poets are now free to learn more about the use of computer- generated images and poems. The text should be read in Shape poems together with the form it is embodied in.

In the form of poetry, the words must be described to take the form of the subject. When the poem is about a star, the used texts are arranged as a star. You can choose to write your poem in rhythm or not. Prose does not require a rhyming verse in traditional poetry, but the words should not be too ordinary or the spirit of poetry should be lost.

In the meantime, form poems can be written simply without the fear of losing their essence. Rhyming doesn't affect anything or anything at all. The use of laymen's words or words has no influence on the form of poems. These features are the reasons why form poetry is regarded as a break from traditional poetry. It is not restricted by the constraints found in conventional poetry.

As you can see, it would be difficult for any child to create a traditional poem, because ordinary words cannot be used here, but you can describe or express your thoughts in poems in any way you like.

© 2019 Oluwafemi Okeowo


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