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A Good Afternoon Letter to New Incoming High School Student for 2018

Updated on June 28, 2017

Being a teenager is like writing a book.

You have your ideas, idea about what the future may hold or ideas about what you want to happen, but, it's the simple plan of action on how to start these new chapters is what confuses you the most.

You have the pen in your hand making rough drafts, scribbling and scratching out words and phrases that go together in your mind but not on paper. watching drafts one turn into draft twenty-one wondering "What have I done? why isn't this fun?'

There is moment where you think you've gotten the hang of it. The pores tattooed up and down your skin open up to accept whatever the world is dishing out.

Is this it? Have you reached your peak? Is it time for you to hang up your royal blue gown and pointed cap and go to bed and sleep?

You see, the universe had a way of seeping into your mind when you least expect it. She's shaping and molding you into who you're meant to be. Like fine wine , everything takes time.

As I write this letter . I can not help but think about the adventures that you're going to embark on. Escapades through self-discovery, self hatred, self love, and self-realization.

You're going to find yourself growing and struggling and contemplating whether or not you should give up, but, those days are going to be the best days of your life.

Those days will evoke resilience, tenacity and humility. You'll realize that not everything in high school will be easy. You 'll realize the importance of fighting for everything you want.

You should never settle for the bare minimum. Throw your heart, mind and soul into every single thing you do from a PowerPoint to your college essay to a topic you're really passionate about.

Allow yourself to be carefree, soak in the environment and the things it has to offer you. don't let a couple of mean words get to you and pierce through you like a rusty old knife.

If someone has ever told you: "Oh high school is easy, it's like a walk in the park" they forgot to mention on thing:

The park you're walking in is not like Central or prospect park

It's four yea trek through studying, struggling, and trying all over again. A journey in which I encourage you to pay close attention too. Observe the way it has taken effect on your body, on your soul and everything that is much bigger that you or I.

Don't be dissuaded by the treacherous feats you must climb because I can guarantee you that things will get better, that "C" you got on an exam should' hold you back .

In life you will get knocked down the wind gushing out of you from every orifice in your body, your head spinning at the realization of what yo9u have done and what has happened all around you.

but, it is up to yo to get back up. you must do this yourself and no one else. you must keep in mind of your goals, dreams, and aspirations. you are a work of art whose creation is not complete but yet, there's someone who can't help but admired who you 've already become.

Yours Graduate of 2017



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