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A Good Magazine Are they Even Available

Updated on January 11, 2016
A Good Magazine are They Even Available
A Good Magazine are They Even Available | Source

A Good Magazine Are they Available

I was looking through my Music Tech Recording Magazine and a good magazine it is for me, yet I don't subscribe to any except for Maxim and Reader's Digest and those were gifts, in other words I just receive the subscription and they keep coming. I really do not ever read Maxim magazine, I like to look at the pictures of the girl on the cover, and lately I hardly open even that magazine because of two factors , one is I hate that the pages are so new, the static electricity keeps the pages tightly together making you use both hands to open a page at a time, the other reason is the subscription ads that are the size of a postcard really irritate me when I am trying to read the magazine. The Reader's Digest magazine I get has the same problems with the pages and the cardboard ads and this book is smaller than Maxim and can be even more frustrating to read because of the size .So my question is, are there really any good magazines to read despite the obvious I pointed out?

I have not seen an Enquirer in years, and never really looked at this type of media, yet I have to admit now I like the paper it was written on, like a newspaper, not slick, thin pages as a magazine ,and I am sure they had those postcard ads in them also yet they just fell to the ground when I opened up the National Enquirer or Variety paper magazine .This is an interesting ordeal, but with the Internet I would not even buy a good magazine, it's all on the web and I don't have to pay the stiff price.I may get pop up advertising, and those ads that your searching for the X to close the ad with ,yet those hassles far beat the payment of a magazine at a grocery store or Barnes and Nobles.

I wonder with the advent of these electronic reader's what kind of ads if any you may run across, and if there is some frustration with those in one way or another, I know you can read books on these machines ,yet I am unfamiliar with them,I have not really cared about them. I spend more time writing then reading anyway, So I have just passed these on by. Are there any good magazines on these readers? I am not sure.I need to research that out,maybe now is the time to invest in one. I know one thing if you can read a magazine on a reader your not going to get the quality of the magazine in pictures and you will miss the static electricity of new pages and those ads that are like postcards will not come messing up your page.

I see the people magazines at the checkout in the grocery store and I thumb through them with ease , so maybe it's the subscriptions that are wrapped in cellophane that makes my good magazines,a pain. I rarely buy any magazines unless they are Recording Music magazine's,because they come with a prize , you get free software with them. I get to try new synths out and virtual Instruments for my studio,and I consider them an investment. I rarely read these either, unless there is something about a system I use for my studio, and I have to admit ,the main reason I buy these are for the software, that is why they cost up to 20 dollars a piece. I get my monies worth , I get free music loops and as I mentioned free tryout software for my hardware, like a PC magazine.

The main subject I was trying to stay with went away , I floated off the subject. Is there a good magazine out there that you must have every month , that you cannot get on the Internet? I can get the recording music magazine's online, yet to download the software would take me time,and my time is so valuable,just kidding, I don't want to wait,if I have the disk I already can pick and chose what I want to put on my mainframe.I see people reading magazines at Barnes and Nobles, and I have not seen too many walk out with them. Has technology taken off so much that we now rely upon the Internet for our magazine's now,and do you have the same frustrations with your subscription magazine's as I do? I would say this a good magazine to me would have to be something totally new ,with new content that will overthrow me with words and a paper for pages that are thicker than the one's I have and it would not have any connection to the internet , I doubt that would happen, so are all the good magazines gone,and their time almost up. I guess time will tell.

Christopher Hyer2.23.2011


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