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A Good Poem About Teachers

Updated on March 16, 2017
Merouane profile image

I am Merouane.I am an English university student.I have been writing in English for ages: I write short stories, poems, articles, essays.

You should listen to your teachers

Teachers have for thou treasures
They already got them, for they have borne the weight of ages
Treasures not treasures
Can ne'er be seen or touched the treasures

If words of theirs fall dead on your ears
Regreted shall be when in vain regret is

Now, thou wish thou's ears to them listened
Wish is just a wish

You know that when that thou wish is ne'er seen
How can it be so when thou are thou not
When words their job is already lost

Now thou shall bear weight of ages with tears and that of letting-
Teachers words fall dead on your ears


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